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How to restore too dark video

This article will show you how to restore too dark video. After these jobs, you can watch the video. Here we recommend a video tool, called EnhanceMovie. This tool will help you restore too dark video quite easily!

To restore too dark video, You can Download EnhanceMovie from our website and install it on your computer.

Here are Step-by-step Guide:

Probably, this is the most often problem that happens to your video. As a rule, you get dark videos when shooting indoors in poor light, at night, or against the sun. Underlighted video lacks many details, the picture is almost completely black, only most bright objects (such as lamps, windows, lights) are visible.
Take a look at the image below. This is a screenshot of a video taken in a restaurant. The entire image is too dark to distinguish any details. Not only far objects aren't visible but also the close ones. The only bright spots are lamps:

restore too dark video

We are going to brighten the video changing its contrast in order to make small details visible. To fix this video, we'll apply theAuto Contrast filter.

1. Open your file with EnhanceMovie by clicking

2. Drag and drop theAuto Contrast filter to the Preview area:

restore too dark video

3. Voila! Immediately when you drop the filter into the Preview area, it is applied to the opened file. Auto Conrast is an automatic filter, which means it determines its best settings depending on the properties of the current file.

Compare the original and the enhanced videos:
restore too dark video

You can notice that the picture got volume and perspective, you are able to see not only lamps but also the interior. The filter brightened up such close objects as napkins on the table while people at the bar became also visible.

Why this filter?
TheAuto Contrast filter enhances highlights and shadows, making the dark parts of the frames darker, and the light ones lighter. It adjusts the entire movie using histograms of each individual frame. This filter is especially good at repairing videos with a big number of relatively small dark objects.
Why not free download and enjoy it right now?

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