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iPod Software > EnhanceMovie > How to filter interlaced video?

How to filter the interlaced video with EnhanceMovie?

Use this approach to remove the problem of "horizontal rows" that sometimes appear when recording a fast-moving object.

As with blurry videos, you can get an error called "interlacing" when you shoot fast moving objects. You can easily distinguish an interlaced video from a blurry one by horizontal stripes that are present at the entire frame (clearly visible interlaced areas are marked with yellow arrowa):

filter the interlaced video

Why does interlace effect happen?
When recording, many digital camcorders divide each frame into a set of even and odd horizontal raws: first the even raws are recorded, and then the odd raws. So, each frame you see consists of two consecutive pictures. This mixing is called interlacing. Thanks to interlacing, your camera can compress video without using digital compression methods.
But if you record a fast moving object, it can appear at one place in the "even" picture, and at another in the "odd" one. As a result, you get a "striped" picture. TheDeinterlace filter transforms the mixed frames into normal video frames and removes the interlaced horizontal raws.

Applying theDeinterlace filter is generally very simple:

1. Open your file with EnhanceMovie by clickingand selecting your file.

2. Double click theDeinterlace filter to add it to the list of Applied filters:

filter the interlaced video

3. That's basically it! We've cleared up our video of the interlace artifacts. Switch to the Split view to compare the result with the original video:

filter interlaced video

Notice: the video got much sharper, and we didn't do any adjustments to it: we have just combined even and odd raws.


OK. You successfully complete to filter interlaced video.

In conclusion, to filter interlaced video is easy to use, fast in speed, and excellent in quality.
Why not free download and enjoy it right now?

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Alparysoft Deinterlace Filter is developed for remove of interlace effect from Video, that is caused by connection of two half-frames into one frame, as a result of it the picture looks blurred and striped.

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