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How to convert video to .AMV using the AMV converter

Here are the instructions on how to convert to an .AMV video file using the AMV Converter which can be downloaded from

AMV Converter is a easy to use Video to AMV Converter software that help you convert Video to AMV file with excellent video and audio quality. AMV Converter was developed for helping you to convert the video to AMV file format which can be played by MP3 or MP4 Players.
Note: This version is for Windows™. If you are using Mac OS, please click here.

Step-by-step Guide: how to convert to an .AMV video?

1. Open "AMV Convert Tool" from the [Start] --> [Programs] --> [MP3 Player Utilities 3.68] menu.

2.Click on the [Add File] icon on the top right of the AMV Video Convert Tool screen.

3. Select the file you want to convert then press the [Open] button.

4. You will now see your file below in the queue.

5. Select the file you want to encode in the queue list below. Then press the [Settings] button on the right hand side to change your encoding settings. If you don't select the file, the [Settings] button is greyed out and you can't click on it.

6.For "screen width and height", change it to "128x96" if you have a 1.5" screen player, or "96x64" if you have a 1.2" screen player.

Make sure "Frames per second" and "image quality" is set to "high".
NOTE: If you have problems with 'Format Error" messages during playback on your player, change the "image quality" to "medium" instead.

Tick "Try another codec" if you have errors trying to encode a video to .AMV, this might fix it.

Click on [OK] button.

7. Click on the "AMV Path" button on the top right to select where you want the new .AMV file to be outputted to.

8.Click on the "Begin" button to start encoding.

9.It will now convert your video and show you the progress down the bottom.

10.If successful, you will the following prompt. If the convert fails, try putting the tick in "Try another codec" option box in your [Settings].

It offer a wide range of advanced options for veterans. E.g. you may choose to convert any segment of a DVD movie; you may adjust DVD video and audio properties. Just click "Settings" button for more choice.

I hope the guide will be helpful for you!

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