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AlienTune3D The Essential 3D Tool for Digital Voice Processing
AlienTune3D is a 3D spectral parametric voice - signal and sound editor. Designed for professionals working - with voice, AlienTune3D offers advanced voice editing capabilities, for example, signal spectral editing. Its flexible workflow, coupled with exceptional ease of use and precise editing tools, gives you the power to process digitized voice data in every possible aspect.

Unlike other digital audio editors available on the market, AlienTune3D is a highly specialized product. It was designed to processing - voice audio files containing recorded human speech. Such specialization allows to implement a range of digital sound processing features and tools applicable to human speech.

Whether you need to record and/or modify a human voice file, AlienTune3D has you covered - with a complete set of tools. AlienTune3D is a tool for those looking for a simple yet powerful signal editor solution for professional or personal needs. This tool is what you have been looking for, and now you have just found it. Download Full version and see for yourself.

Software Information System Requirements
Version: 1.0
  • Windows 8/7/XP/Vista
  • 64 Mb Video Memory
  • DirectX 7 or higher
  • Sound Card/Speakers/Display/TV/HDTV Panel or Plasma/Projector
File Size: 14.90 MB
License:Free to try, $6.95 to buy
Screenshot:View Screenshot
Rating :

Key Features of AlienTune3D:
  • Voice Signal Spectral Analisys
    Spectral analysis is the short-range Fourier transform calculated on each frame of the voice signal.

    Though the time-based voice signal representation in time and amplitude coordinates contains all the information on signal (that is, volume, pitch, tone), such representaion allows defining and modifying amplitude of the signal only. Spectral characteristics of a particular sound gives much more information on its frequency components.
  • Standard Audio File Handling
    You can open existing audio files as well as record a new one from scratch. When browsing for a file to open, you can preview the selected file by simple button click.
  • High precision parametric analisys
    Parametric analisys unveils the next step in voice signal editing. It allows to recreate the signal given modifications of the following three factors: amplitude, pitch and time.
  • Frame Matching
    If you edit not the whole voice file but individual fragments, you may find that sometimes playback produces audible clicks and pops on edges of the edited fragment. This is because of lack of concert between the fragment and the unchanged part of the signal. Frame matching lets you correlate the original and processed sound shapes by simple spline ajustment!
  • Voice Signal Analysis of Spectral
    Spectral analysis is the short-range Fourier transform calculated on each frame of the voice signal.

    AlienTune3D allows viewing and rotating three dimensional (3D) specrum graph built in coordinates of time, frequency and amplitude.
  • Harmonics View
    The Harmonics view displays the voice component as the harmonics path.

    Voice component forms the base of vocalised sounds (vowels and voiced consonants). It forms the harmonic structure in the spectrogram and may be seen as the maximums on divisible frequensies.
  • Individual Harmonics Editing
    There is no audio editors available on the market that supports this unique feature! You can select individual harmonics and change its amplitude easily!
  • Convenient Graphical Spectral and Parameter Views
    The Spectrogram, Harmonics and Noise views of the spectrogram window serve to demonstrate the analysis result and edit in spectrum area, select the fragment and then switch to frame-based voice and noise spectrum envelope editing mode and spectrum morphing. The Harmonics and Noise views represent the voice and noise components as the harmonics path and spectrum path, respectively. The Spectrogram tab displays the resulting signal spectrum that is the result of the parameterized synthesis. Amplitude, Frequency and Time Factor views display the corresponding factor values.
  • Independent parameters editing
    This feature allows to vary the speech intonation and tempo as well as correct the pronunciation. Editing the amplitude affects overall change in the voice and noise spectrum envelope amplitude. Editing the time spline impacts the length of the corresponding frames. Editing the time spline affects base pitch change.
  • Spectral Morphing
    Spectral morphihg is a smooth voice signal parameters reforming from one frame to another through the series of the intermediate frames according to the user-defined path. The use of morphing allows building the temporary phoneme by defining the starting and ending phoneme spectrum. Besides, it is possible to realize the smooth phoneme conjunction by using the spectrums of the two phonemes.
  • Synthesis and Playback the Signal
    AlienTune3D allows you not only to modify parameters of the voice signal, but build the resulting temporary signal according to the modified parameters and play it on the fly! Play with sound as you like!

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