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Spectral Studio

Spectral Studio Spectral Studio is a photo realistic renderer, working on both the GPU or the CPU, un-biased and based on physically correct rules. The main difference is that the GPU is able to render faster due to the number of core (more than 1000 theses days), on the other side the CPU is able to use more memory even if most of the scenes fit well on the GPU. So it is up to you to choose the solution that fit your needs.
It is a standalone tool that provides a complete solution for those who want great image quality and full control.
Editing your materials and all your settings in real-time is a reality. Fine tune your materials and your lightning parameters to see the exact result you're looking for.

Software Information System Requirements
Version: 1.01.01
  • Windows 8/7/XP/Vista
  • RAM 128 MB
File Size: 9.0 MB
License: Free to try, $118.00 to buy
Screenshot:View Screenshot
Rating :

Spectral Studio Features include:
  • Standalone tool
    Spectral Studio is an interactive WYSIWYG editing application, allowing you to do your changes in real-time. It use the GPU power (also work in multi-GPU mode or CPU mode) to render your scene, materials, lights, textures...

    With this you have a set of useful tools, by example to see the normals, to soft the normals, import files, select objects, change the views and more.
  • Scene graph editor
    The scene graph editor allow to edit all the scene elements in real-time, the camera, assign materials, assign global lights (ie. sky ...) and mesh emitters. You can also use the shader editor, this one allow you to create your own materials and define how the material react with the light.

      Assign / unassign materials
      Delete materials
      Material edition
  • Camera simulation
    You can simulate camera effects through a set of parameters or simply let Spectral Studio handle the parameters for you automatically.

      True optics and Reflex camera simulation
      Depth of field, with focal distance and lens radius
      Auto focus
  • Materials
    Spectral Studio is based on the OSL specification (Open Shading Language), it mean that you can simulate advanced material and improve your materials library. By example, this language has been used by some Visual Effects Studios to generate accurate materials for their movies.

      All material can be created through OSL (Open Shading Language)
      Optimized for maximum performance on both the CPU and GPU
  • Full spectral based rendering
    Can render either in full spectral colour either in RGB colour
    Unbiased, physically-based and accurate light simulation
    Converge to the final image progressively
  • Technology and Performance
      CPU or GPU based
      CPU : Multi-processor / Multi-core / Multi-thread CPU sub-core
      CPU : SSE support
      GPU : Multi-GPU support
  • Physical Lighting
    Full Global Illumination support
    Physically correct sun and sky light
    HDRI environment
    Image-Based Lighting
    Mesh emitters
  • Interactive Tonemapping
    All tonemapping features provide real-time feedback
    Camera response and exposure
  • Physically based materials
    Advanced material creation system
    Global or mapped roughness
    Custom IOR
    Dielectric absorption
    Opacity mapping
  • Multiple output image formats
    Including High Dynamic-Range (HDR) Formats
    32 bit per component EXR output. (HDR)
    PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, TARGO output. (LDR)
  • Multiples rendering modes
    Ambient Occlusion
    Direct Light with MIS (Multiple Importance Sampling)
    Path tracing with MIS (Multiple Importance Sampling)
    Metropolis light transport with MIS (Multiple Importance Sampling)
  • Pre-configured materials
    ashikhmin - velvet
    textured emitter
    rough glass
    textured matte
    rough metal
    textured mirror
    oren nayar

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