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TurboSFX TurboSFX is a secure file compression and distribution application that uses a user-friendly expanding wizard system, using intuitive step-by-step procedures, to create compressed Self-extracting EXEcutables (SFX), which can easily be distributed via the Internet, Intranet, e-mail distribution, CD/DVD, or removable disks. The latest release of TurboSFX supports HTML based Internet Component Download with automatic generation of .inf file.

TurboSFX provides single and multiple password protections, including the silent password protection feature to guard against recipients attempting to bypass your security system. TurboSFX allows you to create 'Silent Packages', which do not display dialog box during self-extraction. TurboSFX also includes advanced features, such as selecting components or running multiple programs before, during, and after extraction, and take actions depending on the response codes from the 'run program' selection. In-depth HELP about the powerful, yet easily accessible features is available on each screen.

TurboSFX automatically saves the steps in the creation of each Self-extracting EXEcutable and the selected options as a script file (*.adx). These script files not only save the users repetitive tasks in creating other similar self-extractors and in updating t he existing ones, they also support command line batch processing in unattended operations.

You can create simple Self-extracting EXEcutables (SFX) and installation routines with WYSIWYG text, or include the more advanced installation features to automate steps effortlessly at the receiver end.

Software Information System Requirements
Version: 3.13
  • Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP,2003
  • 256 MB RAM
  • Pentium II CPU
License:Free to try, $99.95 to buy
File Size: 1.54 MB
Screenshot : View Screenshot
Rating :

Key Features of TurboSFX:
  • Integrated Wizard for creating SFX, CABinet files with extractor, and HTML-based Internet Component Download.
  • Displays Formatted Text to display WYSIWYG License Agreement and other formatted Text before Self-extraction.
  • Creates 'Silent Packages' for creating 'Silent Packages' that do not require any user response during Self-extraction.
  • Destination Folder lets you select destination folder for each file, options include dynamic.
  • Creates Multi-Volume Self-extracting EXEcutable for easy distribution on removable media or through the Internet.
  • Multiple passwords protect your files in Group Distribution with options to selectively restrict access to certain files.
  • Overwrite Options that allows the users to select various overwrite options based on checking file versions and dates.
  • No programming skill required, TurboSFX automatically saves the selected options and steps as scripts for easy reuse.
  • TurboSFX allows the use of any international language supported by Windows for the extraction message and scripts.
  • The Tools Set includes integrated set of tools such as to automatically insert the entire set of files as e-mail attachments.
New and Enhanced Features in TurboSFX:
  • Integrated Wizard for creating delivery packages: Self-extracting EXEcutable, CABinet files with extractor, and cabinet files for HTML-based Internet Component Download (new package type).
  • Includes options to create 'Silent Packages', which do not display any dialog box during Self-extractions.
  • Create multiple-volume Self-extracting EXEcutables with tools to copy package to removable media, including diskette management functions.
  • Script file management, it allows the users to create, save, and copy script files.
  • It provides the multiple passwords protection feature for group distribution to selectively restrict access of certain files in the package.
  • Create International Packages with built-in language support. Multiple language files for messages are provided. it provides functions to load, change, and save the language files.
  • In creating cabinet files for Internet Component Download, TurboSFX automatically generates .inf file with Scan GUID. The editing function of .inf is also provided.
  • Include functions to run multiple programs before, during, and after extraction, and take actions depending on the response codes from the 'run program'.
  • Include option to run default or customize wizard for welcome and WYSIWYG License Agreement page before extraction.
  • Include tools to send the entire package, including the entire set of multiple-volume files, through e-mail as attachments.
  • The new release of TurboSFX v3.11 Startup wizard (16-bit and 32-bit) added a new screen for component selections in addition to the Welcome and WYSIWYG License pages. This enhancement allows you to distribute multiple files and applications easily. Depending upon the recipient's selection, the target machine platform, and the passwords entered, applications will be selectively installed.
  • The run-time Startup wizard in TurboSFX v3.11 can be customized or localized with your own product bitmaps or logos, desired international language for wizard captions, and other explanatory text.

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