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DateTime Calculator

DateTime Calculator Make Appointments YEARS in Advance!
Can you calculate the last Sunday in July 2011? How about the third weekday in July 2009? Stumped?
With DateTime Calculator, you will never be stuck guessing at date or time intervals, and you'll always be able to have your appointments laid out weeks... heck, even years in advance!
DateTime Calculator is unique software that lets you easily add or subtract time intervals, allowing you to know exactly how much time will pass between two arbitrary dates. You can even compare two different dates and times to get detailed information about how many seconds, minutes, hours, or years will pass in between them.
A busy schedule means your time management needs to be top notch. Can you afford missed meetings, disappointed clients, or silly scheduling conflicts? If you've got a lot of different things to remember in your life or business, then you need DateTime Calculator to help you effectively manage your time.

Software Information System Requirements
Version: 2.3
  • Windows 8/7/XP/Vista
  • 512 MB RAM
License:Free to try, $9.95 to buy
File Size: 673 KB
Screenshot :View Screenshot
Rating :

Key Features:
  • Calculate time intervals: Know the exact amount of time between two different dates.
  • Learn new dates: Get a new date time by adding or subtracting from a base date or time.
  • Easily read results: Manage your schedule quickly and easily.
  • Use its advanced layout: See your time intervals in an easy list format.
  • Compare different dates: Get the time intervals between as many dates as you want.
  • Use the unique ask feature: Ask feature lets you get specific information about your dates.
  • Count the number of days: Count feature let you count the number of days between two dates, but skip the week days or holidays you do not want to count.
  • List all holidays between two dates.
Who Needs DateTime Calculator?
  • Been confused by calculating the amount of time between dates.
  • Needed to know exactly what days of the week fall between certain times.
  • Wanted an easy and effective way to manage your schedule.
  • Found when you are 1 billion seconds old, or when you are 10,000 days old.
  • Needed to know exactly how many days between two dates except some week days and holidays.

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