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How to prevent spyware?

Spyware and other unwanted software can invade your privacy, bombard you with pop-up windows, slow down your computer, and even make your computer crash. Here are several ways you can help protect your computer against spyware and other unwanted software.

On This Page:

Step 1: Update your software
Step 2: Adjust Internet Explorer security settings
Step 3: Use a firewall
Step 4: Explore and download more safely
Step 5: Download and install antispyware protection

Step 1: Update your software
If you use Windows XP, one way to help prevent spyware and other unwanted software is to make sure all your software is updated. First, visit Microsoft Update to confirm that you have Automatic Updates turned on and that you've downloaded all the latest critical and security updates.
To get the latest updates:
  1. In Internet Explorer, click Tools and then click Windows Update.
  2. Choose right programs you need to update your windows system.

Step 2: Adjust Internet Explorer security settings
You can adjust your Internet Explorer Web browser's security settings to determine how-much or how-little information you are willing to accept from a Web site. We recommends that you set the security settings for the Internet zone to Medium or higher.
To view your current Internet Explorer security settings:
  1. In Internet Explorer, click Tools and then click Internet Options.
  2. Select the Security tab.

Step 3: Use a firewall
While most spyware and other unwanted software come bundled with other programs or originate from unscrupulous Web sites, a small amount of spyware can actually be placed on your computer remotely by hackers. Installing a firewall or using the firewall that's built into Windows XP provides a helpful defense against these hackers. Also, you can visit our firewall software site: Personal Firewall and Business Firewall to choose the right software for you.
Step 4: Explore and download more safely
The best defense against spyware and other unwanted software is not to download it in the first place. Here are a few helpful tips that can protect you from downloading software you don't want:
  • Only download programs from Web sites you trust. If you're not sure whether to trust a program you are considering downloading, ask a knowledgeable friend or enter the name of the program into your favorite search engine to see if anyone else has reported that it contains spyware.
  • Read all security warnings, license agreements, and privacy statements associated with any software you download.
  • Never click "agree" or "OK" to close a window. Instead, click the red "x" in the top right corner of the window or press the Alt + F4 buttons on your keyboard to close a window.
  • Be wary of popular "free" music and movie file-sharing programs, and be sure you clearly understand all of the software packaged with those programs.

Step 5: Download and install antispyware protection
Bestshareware currently offers antispyware software for you; more information is available on our Bestshareware AntiSpy Software site. Business should look into IT small business software.

Additional security tools to help detect, block, and remove unwanted software from your computer are available on our Security resources page.

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Infected Spyware?
If your PC has infected spyware, I recommend the following powerful products:

·Spyware Doctor
A malware & spyware removal utility that detects, removes and protects your PC.
Trusted anti-spyware with quick and deep scanning.
·Spyware Detector
Scan, detect, delete and recover spywares with an option of quick and full scan.
·SpyCleaner Gold
Check your computer for any spyware and if found removes it.

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