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Block Cookie

Many of us now think back innocently to a time when the Internet was fun and carefree. This is not the situation today. Now, you have to contend with viruses and spyware that threaten your PC and even your business on a daily basis. The fight to keep these threats at bay requires advanced techniques and intelligent surfing habits--and a little help from the experts.

When you are surfing the Internet, websites typically install what is known as a "cookie" on your hard drive This small program can make it much faster for that same site to load if you visit again in the future. All too often though, the cookie also contains other software that allows third parties to feed you pop-ups or annoying ads, snoop on your surfing habits, and even read information from your hard drive.

Although most common web browsers include a feature for blocking cookies, they're often not as versatile as you might like, so either you block cookies you want, or you still get bothered by unwanted ones. Installing a program to block cookies will help you to avoid these annoyances.

Anti Pop Up

Pop ups aren't merely annoying. They can actually jam your computer to the point where they cannot function normally. If, as is usual, they're accompanied by adware or spyware programs, then you can really have some serious trouble on your hands. Some computer owners, unaware that they can protect themselves from this problem, have even bought a new computer as a result of the difficulties encountered.

Computers that exhibit a progressive degradation of performance, including painfully slow operation and programs constantly crashing, are likely to be infested with adware or spyware programs that facilitate pop ups. Although the number will often be in the double digits, some avid internet users with no protection will find literally hundreds of these programs clogging their hard drives!

Fortunately, neither pop ups nor adware are an invincible problem. The right software will help you clean your computer of the programs that cause them, and can prevent further programs from being installed on your machine.

Anti Spam

Despite special laws and the best efforts of policy-makers in many countries, spam is still a growing problem for internet users worldwide. Essentially, spam is the generation of electronic communications that are both unwanted and annoying to the recipient. Only users who have experienced a serious spam problem can understand how much it can steal in the way of time and resources. Even minimal amounts of spam can add up to lost hours for businesses and individuals and can present security threats as well.

Installing software to protect yourself against spam might seem a little extreme, but receiving tons of unsolicited email every day can actually affect the way we work. It takes time to delete unwanted email messages, and when we do it in haste, we run the risk of deleting an important message by mistake. Spam can sometimes indicate an even more sinister invasion of our privacy.

Spam is often the result of spyware on your computer that is granting access to vital information to unknown recipients. This information can be used by the person who harvests it, or he or she may then sell it on to a third party. As a result, you may receive literally hundreds of annoying spam messages.

Unfortunately, if you actually send a reply to the source of spam requesting the sender to halt, all you are doing is confirming our email address to them. This action can actually increase the volume of spam you receive many times over. Instead, the best course of action is to install a spam blocker.

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