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Spiderman 2

Platform: Xbox, PS2
Publisher: Activision
Release Date: 06/28/2004
Genre: Action Adventure
Buy Site for Xbox ($14.99), for PS2 ($16.99) :

  Game Description
Spidey is back! Activision catches us in a whole new web with this advanced translation of the 2004 Spider-Man 2 movie sequel featuring Doctor Octopus. Not only will you battle Doc Ock high up in the Manhattan skyline, but you will also face other Marvel villains Mysterio and Lizard. The virtual environments are also more life-like this time around, filled with ambient city sounds, steam, cars, and people. Web-slinging, web-crawling and Spiderman's overall acrobatic moves are also smoother and more seamless. It's time to ride those webs to new heights in this dramatic, action-packed retelling of another classic Peter Parker tale.
There's a little movie coming out this week starring everyone's favorite web-slinging superhero. The first Spider-Man did OK at the box office, so they figured they might as well make a second.
The previous movie was also accompanied by a game of the same name, and so in obvious fashion, a sequel to that game is now in stores. Brilliantly titled Spider-Man 2, the game attempts to capture the feeling of what it would be like to be Spider-Man better than any previous game starring the web slinger.
The most standout thing about the game is easily its physics-based web system. You no longer swing between predefined points, but rather arbitrarily web any nearby building and take off. Spider-Man's movement while swinging is physics-based as we said, which means his weight, speed, direction and height all determine how his swing works. It's quite awesome.
GamePlay: Follow in-game tutorial to learn special moves and abilities. Use Attack, Web, and Jump in different combinations to take advantage of Spiderman 2's open-ended combat system.


Directional Pad UP = Spider Reflexes. DOWN = Camera Lock-on Mode.
Left Thumbstick Movement
Right Thumbstick Rotate Camera
A Button Jump
B Button Evade / Attach to Wall
X Button Attack / Action
Y Button Web. Grapple / Pick Up for civilians. Y + B = Grapple / Pick Up for thugs.
White Button Re-Center Camera
Black Button Spider Reflexes
Left Trigger Sprint. Left Trigger + Right Trigger = Web Zip (has to be purchased).
Right Trigger Web Swing. Left Trigger + Right Trigger = Web Zip (has to be purchased).
Start Pause
Back Map


Directional Buttons UP = Spider Reflexes. DOWN = Camera Lock-On Mode.
X Button Jump
Triangle Button Web. Grapple / Pick Up for civilians. Triangle + Circle = Grapple / Pick Up for thugs.
Square Button Attack / Action
Circle Button Evade / Attach to Wall
L2 Button Sprint
L1 Button Spider Reflexes
R2 Button Web Swing
R1 Button Re-Center Camera
Start Button Pause
Select Button Map
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Movement
Right analog stick (R3 Button when pressed down) Rotate Camera
  Game Screenshots

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