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Games for Mobile Phone
Martial arts mayhem on your mobile phone! Choose from a range of fighting styles, customized characters, and special moves. Spar with the master's disciples, or select Fudomyo's multiplayer option to battle opponents across the United States.
is a sport requiring stamina, fitness and desire. It is a fast, dynamic, challenging sport. It is a sport that can be played at your own pace for your exercise and enjoyment. It's sport enjoyed by both males and females.
Slalom SnowBoarding
Get ready for an awesome ride, with no lines or frostbite. It's just you, your snowboard and the slope. This fast-paced game requires lightning reflexes and superb timing to master, and keeps bringing kids and adults back time and time again.
In BloodyFight you take the role of Joe who is searching for his missing girl friend. He then discovers that she has been kidnapped by a gang and he will try to see who has taken her away! He has to meet several opponents and beat them in order to confess where they have hidden her.
American Poker
Video Poker (American Poker) is one of the best casino games. Get your cards, think and choose the cards you want to replace with others and win (or lose) according to the series of cards you compose.
World War II 1942: the Japanese are enjoying naval and aerial superiority so far, they are now more confident of their final victory. It's up to you to reverse the situation! But they don't know we have a secret weapon: our new fighter SKY HAWK and its skillful pilot.
Magical Dragon
Long time ago when earth was witnessing its dark ages, Mazoumba the evil sorcerer is trying to spread his power all over the world. Mazomuba used his spell to convert all creatures to his side. With no one else to stop this evil, Bandi the good wizard used his magic to change himself into a dragon.
Pocket Darts
Come on and play this amazing pub game on your mobile. Although this game is very easy, classic and evident. It still doesn't loose its charm nor does it loose its addictiveness. You can start initially with the easiest level, then when you master it you can proceed to higher levels.
Neopets Coco Roll
Neopets brings you...Coco Roll! Play as one of five Neopets characters, plus--as a bonus--find a sixth Neopet to play! This game features one button interface, vivid graphics and sound, exciting action and 15 Mystery Island themed levels.
Now you can enjoy playing tennis on your mobile phone. You can select your opponent to match your level. Opponents have different skills and each has his strong point and his weak points! Try to beat first the weakest one then proceed to stronger opponents.
Precision Pinball
Here's your chance to prove that you are the ultimate pinball master! Rich and colorful 3D rendered graphics, robust sound, clever game design, and super-fast motion create a genuine pinball experience. Nudge the table to save the ball, but be careful not to tilt the machine!
Fantasy Worlds: Rhynn
is a real time Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game for mobile phones. After connecting to the Internet with the mobile phone, it is possible to interact with hundreds of players, controlled by other humans or AI.
The mega-hit classic goes wireless! Guide Pitfall Harry through more than 200 perilous jungle screens. Jump and swing over obstacles. Avoid snapping crocodiles, stinging scorpions and deadly plunges into deep pits. Lead a daring treasure hunt across subterranean chambers and dense rain forests.
is a fast and furious racing game. Push the speed to its limit and see if you can beat your opponents! In the game you have to race against three different opponents. The game includes 16 different tracks to finish in three different environments.
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