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Escaping Atlantis
Help Oceana escape Atlantis. She will have to go warn her father about her aunt's evil plan to take over the kingdom.
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Download 10.4 MB
Astral Mosaic
is logic puzzle game that challenges you to assemble various complete figures with the small blocks.
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Download 3.80 MB
Click Clack XL
is an attracting, funny, fast-paced and addictive mixture of arcade and puzzle gameplay. Your goal is to catch falling bubbles before they reach the top of the screen.
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Download 6.35 MB
is an extremely addictive variation of the famous Lines game. Your goal is to align balls into lines or squares of the same color by moving the balls on the board.
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Download 3.96 MB
Cosmo Lines
Like all classic puzzle games, CosmoLines will keep you hooked for hours, offering challenging puzzles and fun new solutions. The game is very easy to learn and play.
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Download 7.63 MB
Aquabble Quest
Embark on a tropical puzzle journey in Aquabble Quest! Featuring over 150 levels, 3D graphics, 2 game modes, and exciting power-ups,
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Download12.0 MB
is a breakout-style game with ultra realistic physics in 3D space.60 level and 15 unique bonuses. Impressive graphics and dynamic gameplay.
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Download 8.56 MB
Jewel of Atlantis
is a new and exciting action puzzle which combines match-3 mechanics with breakout-style gameplay mayhem.
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Download 6.65 MB
Take a smart red-haired guide, and be ready for wonderful adventures!
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Download 7.78 MB
Memory Loops
Try yourself in Memory Loops! The Addictive concentration-style game which will sharpen your memory skills.
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Download 8.72 MB
Runic One
Take a smart red-haired guide, and be ready for wonderful adventures!
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Download 18.1 MB
Gem Shop
Match colorful gems and keep the customers happy! Sell gems and jewelry to smiling customers, but watch out--keep them waiting too long and they'll start to grumble.
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Download 7.10 MB
Professor Fizzwizzle
is a fun, mind-expanding puzzle game, where you take control of the diminutive genius, Professor Fizzwizzle.
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Download 7.42 MB
Colony pitches you against challenge after challenge on your quest to conquer a series of strange worlds...
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Download 5.88 MB
Tumble Bugs
You will surely find something in this new game as its genre can't be defined easily.
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Download 8.45 MB
Insaniquarium Deluxe
Feed fish, fight aliens, upgrade your weapons, and unlock secret pets as you explore 20 captivating new levels and 4 unique tanks of action-puzzle adventure!...
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Download 9.72 MB
Addictive puzzle game with endless fun. There are three different game modes for you to play depending on what mood you're in. The relax mode is fun with less effort but...
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Download 4.29 MB
Superstar Chefs
Jump, stomp and help the Superstar Chefs find the stolen recipes or they will get in big trouble! Addictive platform action for 1 or 2 players....
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Download 1.54 MB
Super SpongeBob Collapse
What's more fun than watching SpongeBob SquarePants or playing Collapse!? SpongeBob SquarePants Collapse, of course! Our latest game offers you the best of both...
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Download 2.58 MB
Bingo-based puzzle game mixed in a way you haven't played before.
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Download 8.95 MB
Chuzzle Deluxe
Googly-eyed little balls of fur that giggle, squeak, and sneeze as you push them across the board!
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Download  7.67 MB
Serpengo is an addictive action puzzle game, where you create a serpent out of exploding balls.
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Download  9.54 MB
Hexalot is a unique and most addictive puzzle game that takes you on a thrilling adventure!
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Download : 8.76 MB
Aqua Pearls
Aqua Pearls takes you on a fantasy adventure at the ocean bottom. Your mission is to find a stolen necklace that protects four oceans from evil.
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Download 9.8 MB
Wonderland breaks the mould for action/puzzle games, combining state-of-the-art 3D visuals with compelling gameplay.
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Download 4.24 MB
Snowy: Puzzle Islands
New brain-teaser game stuffed with challenging levels, fascinating game objects and featuring, who else, Snowy the Little Bear!
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Download 6.41MB
Clear the board of colorful QBeez characters in this action-packed brain buster.
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Download 3.55 MB
Dropheads with hilarious animations keep falling from the top and you should clear them before they get too high.
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Download 6.73 MB
FreakOut Gold
Think fast as this sizzling hot game seduces your puzzle-solving skills in a way you've never experienced!
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Download 2.98MB
Carl's Classics
Carls Classics is a game collection with 14 classic games like Chess, Backgammon, Checkers, Reversi, Pachisi and many more.
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Download 4.85MB
Cubis 2
Cubis Gold 2 masterfully delivers the next dimension of its classic 3D-esque matching game.
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Download 10.3MB
Cubis Gold
Move fast as you skillfully make chains of three or more cubes to remove them from the board before time runs out.
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Download 3.33 MB
Snowball Run
Guide the snowball-riding penguin on a bold adventure through 75 fish-packed levels to a frozen homeland.
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Download 3.54 MB
MumboJumbo is pleased to announce the release of its newest mind-warping action puzzler, Gearz. Gearz is an action-puzzler like no other!
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Download 5.62MB
Enigmo is a 3D puzzle game where you move various streams of flowing liquid so that the droplets get to their destination.
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Download 9.38 MB
Power Chips
Power Chips is an action puzzle game with all the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas.
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Download 3.97MB
High Roller
High Roller is an action puzzle game with a classic 1950’s muscle car theme.
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Download 2.93MB
Equilibria is the name of the game in this exciting game of balance.
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Download 2.87MB
Un-chain your brain with CHAINZ! Rotate colorful links to create valuable chains in this challenging puzzle game.
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Download 3.80 MB
Mad Caps
From the warped minds that brought you Chainz comes Mad Caps, a puzzle game gone MAD!
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Download 4.65MB
Twisty Tracks
A mighty windstorm has scattered your treasure trove to the far reaches of the world!
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Download 5.04 MB
Lost Idols - Puzzle Crusade
In this puzzle/adventure game, the Golden Idols have been stolen from the sacred monastery.
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Download 3.53 MB
3D TetColor
New fascinating game from Cats Family soft - 3D TetColor. This is a tetris-like 3D game with full screen mode.
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Download855 KB
UltraBall combines the fun of a break-out game with all the action and excitement of a classic pinball game.
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Download 6.73 MB
Zuma Deluxe
Control the stone frog idol of the ancient Zuma in this thrilling action puzzler. Fire balls to make sets of three, but don't let them reach the golden skull or you're history!...
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Download 6.00 MB
Bejeweled 2 Deluxe
With four unique and entrancing ways to play, explosive new game pieces and awe-inspiring planetary backdrops, Bejeweled 2 is more wildly addictive than ever before! ...
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Download 9.29 MB
Season Match
The story of Season Match starts when the Snow Queen has her magic mirror broken, and decides to make cold winter stay forever in the fairy-land.
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Download 2.49 MB
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