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Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Platform: GameCube
Publisher: Nintendo
Release Date: 10/12/2004
Genre: Action Adventure
Buy Site ($29.99) :

  Game Description
The GameCube sequel to the N64 Paper Mario, this wacky mix of 2D and 3D gameplay is a fun, engaging RPG perfect for younger and older gamers alike. With turn-based battles and action adventure gameplay, you will lead Mario and his friends through inventive environments and 2D and 3D puzzles. Collect rings, buy new powers in a badge shop, and heal your party by staying at an inn. As always, the brilliant game designers at Nintendo confound convention and dream up yet another classic Mario experience.
If you take it at face value, the premise behind most Mario games is pretty ridiculous. You'd think that after having been kidnapped by nefarious forces five hundred times, Princess Peach's chancellors would bolt the door to her chamber, build a moat around it, and post mercenaries around the perimeter. But no. She always gets jacked while out on one of her adventures, and it's always up to Mario to get her ass out of the oven. What a quasi-racist caricature is doing in a kingdom full of mushroom people is a whole other question entirely, but I won't get into it. Seriously, though, when will this get old? How long will we continue swallowing this ridiculous narrative, hook, line, and sinker?
The answer: As long as they keep making Paper Mario games, they can do it forever. Just like its predecessor, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door plays with the absurdity of the Mario formula in marvelous ways. It makes fun of itself relentlessly, yet still manages to be earnest when it matters, and the gameplay around which it's built takes the best elements of the Mario games' trademark simplicity, and constructs out of them a compelling, engrossing RPG.
Control Stick Move Cursor
A Button Confirm Action
B Button Cancel Action/Return to Previous Menu
C Stick Read Continuing Message

Control Stick Walk/Run
Control Pad Shortcuts to Menus. Up = Gear Menu. Down = Journal Menu. Left = Party Menu. Right = Badges Menu.
A Button Jump. Press Again in Mid-Air to Ground Pound. Guard Against Attacks. Talk. Investigate. Read Message.
B Button Use Hammer. Counter Enemy Attack.
X Button Use Partners' Abilities. Attack (Battle Screen Only, When X Button Icon Appears).
Y Button Enter Paper Airplane Mode. Let Partner Attack First (Battle Screen Only).
Z Button Display Stats
R Button Enter Paper Mode
Start/Pause Open Menu Screen
Combo #1 R Button + Control Stick = Enter Tube Mode
Combo #2 X + B + Start Button = Reset Game to Title Screen
Combo #3 Immediately before and after your attack hits, you can us A Button to perform Style moves with the attack, which will help you recover Star Power.
  Game Screenshots

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