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McAfee Personal Firewall Plus

Protect yourself while online with the advanced security of McAfee. Personal Firewall Plus. Easy-to-use, yet highly configurable, McAfee Personal Firewall Plus v5.0 secures your PCs connection to the Internet whether you connect via DSL, cable modem or dial-up. With intrusion prevention, color coded security alerts, customizable audible alerts, detailed logging, and an application scan for Internet enabled applications, McAfee Personal Firewall Plus gives you the power you need to control the communications into and out of your PC, ensuring that your online experience is as safe as it is enjoyable.

Software Information System Requirements
  • Windows 2000 pro/XP
  • Pentium or similar processor
  • 64MB RAM
License:$29.95 to buy and download

Key Benefits:
  • Firewall Protection
    Places an easy-to-use, always on-guard barrier between hackers and your hard drive, blocking access to sensitive files, financial records and personal data.
  • Identity Theft Prevention
    Helps prevent unauthorized access to sensitive files, financial records and personal data on your PC.
  • Advanced controls for granting an application Internet access, for a specified session only.
  • Gaming mode auto-detects whenever you're in 'Full-Screen' mode, suppressing pop-up messages and enhancing your on-line experience.
  • Integration links to an anti-hacking database and Worldwide Hacker Activity Map, offering tips on responding to specific attacks, self-testing tools and channels to email online authorities of hacker events.
  • Intelligent Application Handling
    Automatically denies outbound Internet access to malicious applications that might secretly transmit personal data to hackers, while allowing trusted programs to connect without unnecessary alerts or false alarms.
  • Advanced Worm Protection
    Helps stop virus-like worms from using your PC to spread themselves.
  • Hacker Tracing
    Turns the tables on hackers and aids in tracing them back to their source
  • Setup Ease
    Personal Firewall is designed for maximum protection the moment it is installed so that users can "install it and forget it." McAfee also provides users with a Setup Assistant which provides maximum user control in firewall configuration. This easy-to-follow guide allows users to choose their interaction level with both the Internet and the Firewall. The Setup Assistant provides simple, step-by-step instructions help install firewall protection in jut minutes, even for beginners.
  • User Interface
    Personal Firewall Plus' improved interface is now simpler than ever to use and navigate. The Personal Firewall Plus now has a more informative and easy-to-understand summary page. The new page provides a summary of the most frequently blocked Internet and network traffic along with a graph of port activity on your local computer. The firewall allows you to view your Internet and Application traffic in real time with the Traffic Monitor as well as providing direct access to and a Worldwide Hacker Activity Map.
  • Smart Recommendations
    With McAfee Smart Recommendations, users are given clear response options for each threat, with options to accept system recommendations or manually accept/deny certain Internet Activity. Users have options of viewing as many alerts they want - whether they want to receive alerts or work without interruption.
  • Intrusion Prevention
    Personal Firewall's Intrusion Detection System (IDS) detects and prevents common attack patters and other suspicious activity. Intrusion prevention monitors every inbound or outbound data packet for suspicious data transfers or transfer methods. It compares these to a "signature" database and automatically drops the packets coming from the offending computer providing greater protection for your PC.
  • Visual Trace
    Features easy-to-read graphical maps showing the originating source of hostile attacks and traffic worldwide, including detailed contact/owner information from originating IP addresses and all subsequent steps to your PC.
  • Traffic Monitoring
    View both incoming and outgoing data across your Internet connection and view the Internet bandwidth of certain applications. The Traffic Monitor also allows you to view application connections and see the IP addresses that the applications are connecting to in real time.
  • Event Information
    Records day-at-a-glance and weekly intrusion attempts and unsolicited Internet traffic involving your PC.
  • Custom Blocking
    Allows on-demand blocking of traffic from specific computers and systems with options to ban entire ranges of IP Addresses and set time limit rules.
More Screenshots - Click each image to enlarge!

  • Xeon Personal Firewall
    ask which programs should have access to your internet resources and will detect and prevent any possible breach of your computer security.
  • Kerio Personal Firewall
    is a necessity for all desktop computers connected to broadband Internet, using DSL, cable, ISDN, WiFi or satellite modems.
  • SecureUp Personal Firewall
    scans your DSL, cable, or dial-up Internet connection looking for hacker activity.
  • TZ Personal Firewall
    Avoid the entrance to your equipment through backdoors that could allow the stealing of information from it.
  • Outpost Office Firewall
    protects your office from all known Internet dangers, automatically deploying and configuring the client firewall across the corporate network on selected workstations.
  • Outpost Firewall Pro
    protecting against data theft, denial-of-service attacks, privacy violation, Trojan horses, spyware and more.
  • Protoport Personal Firewall
    can block malicious attacks and protect your PC from outside threats.
  • Sygate Personal Firewall Pro
    provides a multi-layered shield of network, content, application, and operating system protection for your PC.
  • InJoy Firewall
    offers enterprise-class next-generation security, preconfigured policy templates - including full customization options, seamless IPSec VPN integration, superior gateway capability.
  • Kerio WinRoute Firewall
    Equipped with VPN server, optional embedded McAfee Anti-Virus, integrated customizable ISS Orange Web Filter, and user-specific Internet access management.
  • SpyWall
    is the first true browser firewall. It blocks malware from infecting and damaging your computer.
  • VisNetic Firewall
    is a packet-filtering software firewall built to protect Windows-based Servers, telecommuters / mobile users, and LAN workstations.

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