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Halo 2

Platform: Xbox
Publisher: Microsoft
Release Date: 11/08/2004
Genre: Shooter
Buy Site ($34.99) :

  Game Description
The evil Covenant has overrun Earth's defenses and is digging in on the surface, and Master Chief will lead a last-ditch effort to save humanity. So begins the long-awaited second chapter of Halo as the stage for battle comes to Earth. Two years in the making and pushing the Xbox to the outer limits, Halo promises to be THE video game experience of 2004. Engage in an epic single-player story mode filled with danger, courage, and dazzling action. Lead the resistance against the Covenant. Or take on your friends in a revamped multiplayer mode. Battle online through Xbox Live. Blast them out of the solar system Master Chief!
Microsoft's Xbox started with a bang. The original Halo provided one of the most polished first-person shooters ever seen on a console; as well, it offered a foundation for the software giant's entry into the videogame industry. Now with Halo 2 Microsoft and developer Bungie Studios have returned with vicious force. This sequel is backed by a gigantic marketing campaign and massive hype from the Xbox community and its fans.
Directional Pad Move Through Menus
Left Thumbstick Left/Right = Strafe Left/Right. Up = Move Forward. Down = Move Backward. Click In = Crouch.
Right Thumbstick Up/Down = Aim Up/Down. Left/Right = Rotate Left/Right. Click In = Zoom Scope.
A Button Jump
B Button Melee Attack
X Button Reload. Action.
Y Button Switch Weapons
White Button Flashlight (Single Player). Team Chat (Multiplayer).
Black Button Swap Grenades
Left Trigger Throw Grenade. E-Brake (Warthog). Boost (Other Vehicles).
Right Trigger Fire Weapon
Start Pause. Settings.
Back Score
Combo #1 In Dual Weapon Wielding Mode, Left Trigger = Fire Left Weapon, Right Trigger = Fire Right Weapon
  Game Screenshots

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