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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3

Platform: PS2
Publisher: Atari
Release Date: 11/17/2004
Genre: Fighting
Buy Site ($26.99) :

  Game Description
The most complete entry in the DBZ series to date, Budokai 3 delivers everything that fans of the anime series could want. An all-star cast of fighters comes together from Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and the Dragon Ball Movies for a total of 40+ playable characters. The new Saiyan Overdrive Fighting System delivers more complete and authentic fighting controls, including Bukujutsu Mode (full flying combat), Dragon Rush attacks, Teleportation Tornado Combos, counter-attacks, super high-speed combat, and much more. Earn points in Dragon Universe (Story) and Dragon Arena modes to upgrade your fighter into the ultimate DBZ warrior. You can even post a password for your fighter on the Internet so friends can download your customized fighters into their game!
Most people don't seem to know that creating a solid anime game isn't merely the result of throwing together some character reference cel-shading and voice acting. There are more crap anime games than kids ready to trash Ashlee Simpson's singing. Bucking the trend, Atari's Dragon Ball Z: Budokai series has dedicated itself to fidelity. True, Budokai 2 muddied the waters, but Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 packs on the features to become the sequel that should have been, not to mention the best DBZ game available.
Directional Buttons Highlight Menu Selections
X Button Select Menu Item
Triangle Button Cancel
Start Button Skip Movie

X Button Land at Points of Interest
Triangle Button Activate Dragon Radar/Map
L1 Button Fly at Super Speed. Quick Turnaround (With Direction).
R1 Button Sense Ki Auras
Start Button Pause Menu
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Move
Right analog stick (R3 Button when pressed down) Turn Left/Right

Directional Buttons Move Character. Dash (Double-Tap).
X Button Guard. Dodge (Tap). Roll (Tap When Knocked Back).
Triangle Button Kick
Square Button Punch
Circle Button Ki Blast Wave. Pursue Opponent (After You Knock Them Back).
R2 Button Punch + Guard (Simultaneous)
R1 Button Punch + Kick (Simultaneous)
Start Button Pause Menu
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Move Character. Dash (Double-Tap).
Combo #1 Directional Button Left or Right + Square or Triangle = Advanced Punch/Kick
Combo #2 Press and Hold X + Double Tap Directional Button Left or Right = Gather Ki
Combo #3 Press X Just Before Being Hit With Ki Wave Blast = Deflect/Return Ki Wave
Combo #4 Tap X + Directional Button Up or Down = Sidestep
Combo #5 Directional Button Left or Right + X = Teleport Behind Opponent
Combo #6 Square + Triangle + X = Tansform (Once Skill Conditions Met)
Combo #7 Square + X = Grapple Move
Combo #8 Double-Tap Directional Button Toward Opponent + Square = Charge Attack
Combo #9 Triangle + Square = Guard Crash
Combo #10 Triangle + X + Directional Button Left or Right = Unblockable Kick

Combo #1 Double-Tap Directional Button Down + X = Use Item
Combo #2 Double-Tap Directional Button Down + X = Taunt (When No Item)
Combo #3 Triangle + Square + Circle + X = Enter Hyper Mode
Combo #4 When in Hyper Mode, Press Circle, Then Triangle, Square, Circle or X = Dragon Rush Attack
Combo #5 When Opponent's Fatigue Gauge is Full, Press Triangle = Square + Circle + X = Ultimate Attack
Combo #6 If locked in a Beam Struggle with your opponent, Rotate Left Analog Stick or Right Analog Stick or Push Any Buttons as quickly as possible to win the struggle.
  Game Screenshots

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