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Worksheet Booster

Worksheet BoosterImproves the speed required to accomplish routine operations with Excel worksheets. Twenty essential commands accelerate routine worksheet operations that usually require several steps to accomplish. Each command is accessible from the drop-down menu in one click. The user interface is carefully designed to be clean and easy even for complex tasks.

You can create email worksheets, workbooks or a selection; index worksheets; a workbook from selected worksheets, or a workbook from each selected worksheet; copy worksheets to each workbook in a selected folder; protect and unprotect a group of worksheets in one click; show and hide a selected worksheet and worksheets selected by wildcard; search and activate a required worksheet using wildcard; and advanced sort, delete, add, and rename worksheets.

And in addition to all of these, you have full support of the newest Excel 2007 interface, sleek skinned dialogs, and fast access to local help and online support.

Software Information System Requirements
Version: 4.00
  • Windows 8/7/XP/Vista
  • Excel 2000, Excel XP, Excel 2003, Excel 2007
  • Pentium II CPU
  • 512 MB RAM
File Size: 2.08 MB
License:Free to Try, $19.95 to buy
Screenshot : View Screenshot
Rating :

Worksheet Booster Features:
  • Add worksheet
    Adds a worksheet with the possibility to define the position of the new worksheet in the set of existing sheets.
  • Add worksheets from cells' values
    Adds new worksheets named from the values in the selected range.
  • Delete empty sheets
    Deletes all empty worksheets.
  • Rename selected sheets from cell value
    Renames all selected worksheets by the names provided in a particular cell address at each selected worksheet.
  • Sort descendant
    Adds new worksheets named from the values in the selected range.
  • Sort ascendant
    Sorts all sheets in descendant order, including hidden and very hidden worksheets.
  • Show hidden
    Shows all hidden or/and very hidden sheets.
  • Show hidden by wildcard
    Allows you to find hidden and very hidden sheets using a wildcard and make them visible.
  • Hide selected
    Hides selected sheets by making them hidden or very hidden.
  • Hide visible by wildcard
    Allows you to find visible sheets by mask and to make them hidden or very hidden.
  • Protect
    Protects a set of selected sheets.
  • Unprotect
    Clears protection from selected sheets.
  • E-mail worksheet
    E-mails selected sheets to recipient.
  • E-mail workbook
    E-mails workbook to recipient.
  • E-mail selection
    E-mails selected range to recipient.
  • Create workbook from sheets
    Creates a new workbook from selected sheets.
  • Create workbook from each selected sheet
    Creates a separate workbook from each selected sheet.
  • Copy sheets to workbooks from folder
    Copy selected sheets to each workbook found in a selected folder.
  • Create index worksheet
    Create an index worksheet with the hyperlinks of all sheets in a workbook including charts and dialog sheets.

  • ExcelSmartTools DataClean
    It is developed for helping users to import and link Microsoft tables and queries to Excel worksheets...

  • menuZap for Excel
    The innovative menuZap menu dialog box empowers the way you manage and select your worksheets through a menu dialog box.

  • Report Maker
    Reporting software can create report of thousands record in five minutes

  • Excel Compare
    It is a compare tool allows you to compare Excel files and Excel sheets.

  • Addintools Create for Microsoft Excel
    Convert rows of Microsoft Excel to Charts, Diagrams, AutoShapes, Drawings, WordArts, Reports, Tables, Cards, Labels, Forms.

  • menuZap for Excel
    The innovative menuZap menu dialog box empowers the way you manage and select your worksheets through a menu dialog box.

  • Model Builder for Excel
    will allow you Build, Audit and Manage small or big spreadsheets models easier and faster.

  • COMxL RS232C
    is an ease-to-use and very-helpful Add-Ons/Add-Ins for MS Excel 97/2000 's user.

  • Vocabulary Worksheet Factory
    lmprove and reinforce the vocabulary skills of your students with challenging and motivating worksheet activities created with Vocabulary Worksheet Factory

  • Worksheet Search Excel add-in
    is a Microsoft Excel add-in that helps to find a certain sheet in a workbook that contains a wide range of sheets

  • Excel Quick Search
    is an Microsoft Excel plugin. Automatic filtration of worksheet rows which contain the required text.

  • Spreadsheet Goal Seeker
    allowing you to apply it to many cells at one time, simply configuring the Spreadsheet Goal Seeker's wizard.

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