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Stylus Studio® 2007 XML Enterprise Suite

Stylus Studio Stylus Studio® 2007 XML Enterprise Suite, Release 2 is an advanced XML Integrated Development Environment (XML IDE) consisting of hundreds of powerful XML tools in one all-inclusive suite, and high-performance Java & .NET components for deploying data integration applications.

Stylus Studio® 2007 adds powerful new features, again pushing the innovation envelope that helped establish Stylus Studio® as the premier XML IDE. Stylus Studio®'s best-in-class features for working with XML, XQuery, XML Pipeline, XSLT, XSL:FO, EDI, XML Schema/DTD, XPath, XML & Databases, XHTML, XML mapping, XML publishing, Web services set a new benchmark for XML productivity.

Software Information System Requirements
Version: 2007
  • Windows 2000 SP2 or Windows XP
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 100 MB free disk space
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.5
File Size: 62.6 MB
License:Free to try, $595.00 to buy
Screenshot : View Screenshot
Rating :

New Features in Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite:
  • XML Editors
    Stylus Studio® 2007 XML Enterprise Suite, Release 2 includes numerous synchronized, visual XML editing views, Sense:X (Intelligent XML Editing), Integrated XML Validator, XML differencing, and much more!
  • XQuery (XML Query) Tools
    Stylus Studio® 2007 XML Enterprise Suite, Release 2 is the first and only XML development tool to support visual XQuery editing, XQuery mapping, and XQuery debugging.
  • XSL/XSLT Tools
    Stylus Studio® 2007 XML Enterprise Suite, Release 2 provides comprehensive XSLT development support, including XSLT debugging, XSLT mapping, XSLT profiling, visual HTML-to-XSLT stylesheet design, XSL:FO, and much more!
  • EDI Tools
    Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) integration tools for converting, mapping and deploying advanced XML data integration applications which invlove read/write access to legacy EDIFACT and X12 data sources.
  • XML Pipeline
    XML Pipeline lets you model your entire XML application instead of just individual pieces — use it to design, edit, debug and deploy advanced XML data service applications.
  • XML Publishing
    Visually design beautiful XML reports for XML publishing applications using XSL:FO, XQuery and XSLT technologies to generate PDF or HTML output from any data source.
  • XML Schema Editor
    Read about Stylus Studio® 2007 XML Enterprise Suite, Release 2's new support for visual XML Schema editing, validation, XSD documentation generation, and other XSD utilities.
  • XSL:FO Tools
    Learn what XSL Formatting Objects (XSL:FO) is all about, and how to use XSL:FO tools to create advanced document layouts and formatting styles to render your XML documents.
  • Document Type Definition (DTD) Editor
    Stylus Studio® 2007 XML Enterprise Suite, Release 2 includes a visual DTD editor, integrated DTD validator, and various DTD generation utilities.
  • XPath Tools
    Stylus Studio® 2007 XML Enterprise Suite, Release 2 includes utilities for XPath 1.0/2.0, including XPath Evaluator, XPath Expression Generator, Sense:X for XPath (Intelligent XPath Editing), and much more!
  • Web Services Tools
    Stylus Studio® 2007 XML Enterprise Suite, Release 2 supports Web Service Development via a Web Service Call Composer, UDDI Registry Browser, and other tools that make it easy to find, test, and use Web services.
  • XML Mapping Tools
    With Stylus Studio® 2007 XML Enterprise Suite, Release 2, you can map data in one format to another using visual drag-and-drop mappers. Stylus Studio®'s mappers include support for mapping to and from XML documents, Web service data, relational data, flat files, and many more.
  • Import/Export Utilities for any File, XML and Relational Data
    Stylus Studio® 2007 XML Enterprise Suite, Release 2 includes Convert to XML, a visual tool for extracting XML data from any file format including CSV, tab separated, binary data files, EDI, or any other flat format, as well as many other data import/export utilities for RDBMS, XML, and more!
  • Relational Database Connectivity Tools
    If you're working with relational and XML data, our powerful database and XML tools are a must-have for database architects, database developers, and Database Administrators (DBA's).
  • Java and XML Tools
    Build XML-enabled Java applications using Stylus Studio® 2007 XML Enterprise Suite, Release 2's JSP Editor, XML-Java debugger, and more.
  • HTML/XHTML and Web Design Tools
    Easily design advanced XML-data driven Web sites with Stylus Studio® 2007 XML Enterprise Suite, Release 2's handy XML tools for Web Designers!
  • Microsoft and XML Tools
    Use Stylus Studio® 2007 XML Enterprise Suite, Release 2 to build XML-enabled Microsoft applications with MSXML, Microsoft .NET XML (System.XML), SQL Server 2000, and other XML-enabled products and APIs.

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  • Business Applications Architect
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  • Web Studio
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  • Eym Barcode Reader OCX
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  • XStudio Stylemaker
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  • InnovaStudio Web Color Picker
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