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DLL Library
Sip Phone DLL SDK
allows to make PC-PC, PC-phone, or phone-phone calls or create Instant Messaging (IM) sessions over the Internet, VOIP SIP Phone SDK brings protocol support for ActiveX.
A powerful ActiveX component for software developers for quickly extracting and setting data in AutoCAD drawing (DWG) files.
A powerful .NET assembly (DLL) which generates barcode images for web control and Windows Forms Applications.
Num2Alpha ActiveX DLL
A very handy DLL to convert numbers to words, for instance, if you pass (23.95,"dollar", "cent") to this DLL it will convert it to : Twenty three dollars and ninety five cents.
Compile asp project into exe or dll file. The compiled exe file is an application program of window, which can run without IIS.
the state of the art serial communications (RS232, RS485, RS422) Kernel Device Driver for Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows NT.
PDF Chart Creator Dynamic Link Library
PDF Chart Creator Dynamic Link Library is a simple utility that will create charts from data as a PDF document.
is a powerful ActiveX DLL for automatically creating Adobe Acrobat PDF files from practically any type of file - Excel worksheets, Word documents, Powerpoint files, Access reports, ...
DLL Explorer
is a 32-bit utility program for Windows 95/98 and Windows NT 4. It is useful in obtaining lists of the Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files and other module files which the operating system is currently using.
FoxBurner SDK
is an ultra-modern and high-performance CD/DVD recording SDK. The FoxBurner SDK has been developed based on the Philips CD and DVD Recording Books, which ensures a high grade of compatibility.
Raster to Vector Converter SDK (DLL)
It can convert raster image into vector image, and output into dxf or text file. The format of raster image include bmp, jpg, tiff, pcx and tga.
is used to save files that have been uploaded through a browser using HTTP. Other uses include capturing uploaded images for csImageFile to edit, and saving files posted by some of our ActiveX controls.
an ASP component for creating graphs and charts, The resulting graph can be streamed to a browser or saved to a file.
MicroGraphs for .NET CF
is a graphing API for the Windows Mobile platform. include: Graphs for Pocket PC; Graphs for Smart Phones; Graphs for Windows Mobile.
MoleBox Pro
is a runtime exe packer for Windows applications. It bundles the executable together with the DLL and data files into a single EXE file, without losing the ability to run the application.
ComfyJ Personal
is a Java-COM bridge enabling bidirectional communication between the Java platform and COM technologies.
JNIWrapper for Windows
is the technology that eliminates difficulties in working with native code from Java(TM) programs using standard JNI (Java Native Interface) approach.
JNIWrapper for Mac OS X
is the technology that eliminates difficulties in working with native code from Java(TM) programs using standard JNI (Java Native Interface) approach.
is a collection of components to build graphics applications. The product includes rather all necessary components, which are used to develop successful graphics applications.
JExcel Personal
JExcel provides an effective way to integrate Microsoft Excel into Java Swing applications.
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