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JExplorer Personal

Enrich Java applications with Microsoft Internet Explorer features.

JExplorer is a library that provides a convenient Java API for embedding Microsoft Internet Explorer into Java applications. With JExplorer, you can use the Internet Explorer browser as a Swing UI component, in headless mode, or programmatically manipulate it without embedding in the UI. You can do all these and many other integration tasks purely in the Java language. No specific knowledge of COM or the Microsoft Explorer API is required.

JExplorer is based on out-of-the-box COM integration of ComfyJ Personal and provides a convenient set of W3C wrappers for MSHTML DOM of Internet Explorer.

JExplorer supports the latest versions of Internet Explorer, including version 7.0.

Software Information System Requirements
Version: 2.7
  • Windows 8/7/XP/Vista
  • Pentium II CPU
  • 512 MB of RAM
License:Free to try, $599.00 to buy
File Size: 3.85 MB
Rating :

Major Features:
  • Browser components for working with Internet Explorer.
    JExplorer provides 3 different browser components: a visual browser object for embedding in a Swing UI, a headless browser for running automated tests for Web applications in the background, and an Automation-based browser component which you can use without embedding in a Swing UI.
  • Access to MS Internet Explorer functionality.
    With the JExplorer API, you can upload HTML pages, navigate them back and forward, or to another page, prepare for printing, access advanced browser options (such as Allow images, Allow scripts, etc.), use the browser in silent mode, execute JavaScript code and handle JavaScript errors and alert/confirmation JavaScript dialogs, set and get HTML content, create and display custom context Java menus instead of native ones, and many other things.
  • Access to the DOM.
    JExplorer provides a Java API to work with the DOM of web pages in many ways. You can manage elements in a document, modify element attributes, apply element styles, register and listen to DOM events, fire an event on some element, manipulate data in the HTML form elements, etc.
  • Support for browser events.
    By using event listeners of the JExplorer API, you can verify document upload completion, handle JavaScript errors and various states of the browser, listen to start, progress and completion of navigation, and more.
  • Advanced automated testing functionality.
    For automated testing, JExplorer allows you to emulate many user actions via the functionality of the Robot class. So you can emulate mouse actions and user input from the keyboard, place an element in focus, search for a particular element within a document, populate an input control with values, etc.
  • Ability to capture web pages.
    You can get a screen shot of a HTML page, either its visible part or the entire content.
  • Cookie management.
    JExplorer supports both persistent and session cookies, and you are free to use them in a variety of ways: create, modify or delete cookies, get and set their name, value, domain and other information.
  • Proxy management.
    With full support of different types of proxies (ftp, http, https, gopher, socks), JExplorer allows you to configure global proxy settings as well as those available for a current process without affecting global proxy configuration. In addition, you can manage user name as password for the proxy server.
  • Lower-level management of Internet Explorer settings.
    With the InternetFeatures class of JExplorer, you are given access to advanced Internet settings. You can disable ActiveX controls, block navigation to any page with a malformed URL, enable/disable a pop-up blocker, and more.
  • Direct access to MSHTML API via wrappers for COM interfaces.
    JExplorer provides support for native peers whereby you can work directly with COM interfaces of the Internet Explorer COM API to implement functionality not yet available in JExplorer.
What You Get with JExplorer

For even more effective integration, JExplorer provides you with:
  • JNIWrapper 3.x for Windows
  • ComfyJ 2.x run-time license key (no code generation)
  • Development license key(s)
  • Run-time license key to deploy JExplorer inside your software to any number of client machines without royalties to TeamDev.
  • Free yearlong technical support
  • Free product upgrades within the same major version number.
  • Perpetual use of the purchased version of JExplorer, with no annual renewal.
  • 15% discount for the purchase of any TeamDev product.

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  • JavaScript Plus!
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  • JNIWrapper for Windows
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  • JNIWrapper for Mac OS X
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  • JxCapture for Mac OS X
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  • JxCapture for Windows Personal
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  • JExcel Personal
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  • ComfyJ Personal
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  • Internet Explorer plug-in
    Convenient explorer bar to search in Internet Explorer Favorites

  • Built-in RSS Client
    is an MS Internet Explorer toolbar for handling with RSS feeds. You can read, search and store RSS feeds through your habitual Internet Explorer.

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