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WinTasks 5 Professional
Stomp attacks on your privacy & security

Every day, the Internet spawns new attacks on your privacy, data, and computer speed. And your standard security software might not even know about the newest threats — until your computer is already infected. A firewall and anti-virus software are not enough to completely protect your computer from malware, spyware, adware, and other problems. Stop the threats before they get you — get WinTasks for complete, yet easy-to-use security. Based on years of research, the award-winning WinTasks is now one of the most popular tools in the war against malicious software — and the perfect complement to your firewall and anti-virus software. Whether you are new to Windows, a business professional, or a systems administrator, you can rely on WinTasks to quickly improve your computer's security and speed.

Software Information System Requirements
  • Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP
  • Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher
  • Pentium II CPU
  • 64 MB RAM
License:Free to try, $49.95 to buy

WinTasks 5 Professional Features:
  • Process Library allows you to:
    - Read simple explanations for all processes.
    - Access detailed information about processes, such as author and official process name.
    - Use process categories including security risks and system processes.
    - Use personal notes for any process, which you can easily copy to new system.
    - Experienced software specialists create regular updates.
  • Real-time Process Information allows you to:
    - See user friendly process names, for example: "Google - Microsoft Internet Explorer" instead of "iexplore.exe".
    - Get executable name with full path, for example: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE.
    - Read exact process priorities, for example: Normal(9).
    - See number of threads used by each process.
    - Get real-time CPU and memory usage per process.
    - Sort processes by creation time to find new processes with ease.
    - Get executable file properties and version information.
    - Edit the name of a process to assign your own names to common processes.
    - Access CPU and memory usage graphs per process for up to 24 hours.
    - Use printable and exportable process reports, including detailed information about all running processes.
  • Process Management Features allow you to
    - Stop many processes with one click.
    - Easily change process priorities.
    - Launch new processes at any time.
    - Create process presets to quickly restore all running processes and their priorities, while removing any processes not included in the preset.
  • Startup Manager allows you to:
    - Add new programs to the auto start sections in the registry.
    - Remove auto started programs permanently by deleting their registry entries.
    - Disable and enable auto started programs, temporarily allowing you to test different Startup settings.
    - Identify auto started programs quickly with automatic process descriptions.
  • DLL Information includes:
    - Software lists all DLLs used by a process.
    - DLL log shows when DLLs are loaded.
    - DLL descriptions for all common DLLs help you quickly identify any DLL.
    - Printable and exportable DLL reports include information about all DLLs used by a process.
  • Logging Features allow you to:
    - Log CPU and memory usage for up 24 hours.
    - Log information about executed programs, DLLs, and windows for any period of time.
    - Save detailed process information to text files, which can easily be imported into custom applications and databases.
  • Window Management includes:
    - Feature lists windows per process with detailed information such as titles, visibility, and states.
    - Window log shows when windows are created and closed.
    - Feature closes any number of windows with one click.
    - Feature controls window states, sizes, and visibility, allowing you to show or hide any program.
  • Scripting Language includes:
    - Feature creates scripts that run silently in the background, monitoring and controlling all running programs.
    - Scripts can access detailed process information, such as CPU and memory usage, to automatically control priorities and terminate suspicious processes.
    - Scripts can search for specific executables and stop unwanted processes as soon as they are launched.
    - Information, such as window titles and names, can identify processes related to specific documents and web pages.
    - Scripts can start new processes and stop existing ones when certain conditions are met, allowing you to automate complex tasks and remove processes that are no longer needed.
  • Additional Features
    - WinTasks can automatically be loaded as a background task when the computer is rebooted, allowing your scripts and logging tasks to run at all times.
    - You can easily customize the user interface of the software, allowing you to adapt WinTasks to your needs.
    - You can easily print or export information to Microsoft Word documents and spreadsheets.

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