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IBasic Professional Compiler - 32 bit compiler

32 bit compiler IBasic Professional, the next generation of the IBasic line, is a full featured 32 bit compiler for the Windows operating system. Capable of producing fast executables and DLL's. IBasic Professional is the perfect tool for any programming task. featuring an integrated development environment with advanced compiler, assembler and linker.
IBasic Professional can create small, fast, native Windows executables and DLLs and supports all 32-bit Windows versions. The environment is modular with new commands available separately using add-on command sets (paks). An advanced 2D DirectX command set is included with the purchase price!
No external runtimes are needed to distribute software created with IBasic Professional and no royalties or fees ever on anything you create.
Don't let the name fool you. IBasic Professional is just as easy to learn as our original IBasic language and is suitable for any programming task. Beginners will love the BASIC-like syntax and seasoned programmers will appreciate the absolute raw power and speed.

This Software is not available Now.

Software Information Minimum Requirements for IDE
  • Pentium 166 or better processor.
  • 64MB of ram
  • 10MB Free hard drive space.
  • Windows 95 OSR2* or greater -OR-
    Windows NT4.0 or greater.
File Size:4.38 MB
License:Free to try, $74.95 to buy

Main Features of IBasic Professional Compiler :
  • Fast 32 bit compiler, assembler, and linker.
  • Uses standard COFF and LIB format files for maximum compatibility.
  • Easily upgradeable with add-on command sets.
  • Integrated editor, source level debugger, and compiler.
  • Multi module programming supporting unlimited source and include files.
  • Interfaces seamlessly with Windows™ technologies.
  • COM support.
  • Supports Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 and XP.
  • Built in GUI/Form designer.
  • Includes integrated resource compiler.
  • All tools can be run from the command line as well as the IDE.
  • Advanced 2D command set included with purchase!
Language Features:
  • BASIC like syntax.
  • Rich command set, over 350 built in commands.
  • Extensive operators and math functions.
  • Built in linked-list handling.
  • Easy window, dialog and control creation.
  • Inline assembler for optimizing code.
  • Text console support.
  • Advanced and easy pointer operators.
  • 'C' style pointer operations.
  • Built in music and sound commands.
  • Case insensitive keywords.
  • Graphics primitive operations for quick and simple drawings.
  • Text and graphics printer output support.
  • Web enabled application development with the integrated html browser control.
  • Simple common control commands and functions.
  • Quickly interfaces with the Windows API, C runtime libraries and static code libraries.
  • Can use optional and default parameters for subroutines.
  • Can return complex types (UDT's) from subroutines.
  • Supports indirect function calls.
  • Built in variable types: CHAR, SCHAR, WORD, SWORD, INT, UINT
  • ANSI compliant UDT type (structs).
  • STDCALL and CDECL functions supported.
  • Many more features too numerous to list here.
More Screenshots - Click each image to enlarge!

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