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HyperCoder Standard Edition

HyperCoder HyperCoder is a Highly Flexible code editor for all major web formats including ASP, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CGI/PL. Also features support for other programing languages; BlitzBasic, VB.NET, ASP.NET, C#, SQL, VBScript, and Python.

Sporting colour coding for languages such as BlitzBasic, Active Server Pages, HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Structured Query Language (SQL), C/C++, PHP, VBScript and many more.

HyperCoder Standard Edition is a feature rich syntax highlighting editor, designed so that you can rearrange it to your hearts desire. Put tool windows anywhere on your screen.

HyperCoder Standard Edition helps you develop faster by displaying helpful details about the languages you're using. For example if you click on a <table> tag the ActiveHelp window will display details about the tag. This is also true for PHP, ASP, Javascript, 3D GameStudio and BlitzBasic. Use the tag inspector to quickly enter parameters for HTML tags.

Software Information System Requirements
  • Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP
  • Pentium processor
  • 64MB RAM
File Size:9.67 MB
License:Free to try, $30.00 to buy
Screenshot:View Screenshot

HyperCoder Features:
  • Supports dozens of file formats
    The initial release will feature support for many different languages including: SQL, BlitzBasic, ASP, Javascript, Ada95, CGI Perl, PHP, Cascading Style Sheets, HTML, PHP.
  • Automatic Backup
    HyperCoder can be configured to automatically backup your files when you save them. By storing 2 previous versions of each of your project files you can be sure that you will not loose your work.
  • Flexible Syntax Colour Coding
    HyperCoder has been designed to be as flexible as possible, each language definition can support up to 18 different colour schemes, including strings and comments. Coloring can be assigned to Tag based languages and/or to individual keywords.
  • Functions and Labels
    In the Resources Window you can display a list of the functions and labels contained within your files, double clicking a function or a label will take you direrctly to the line in question.
  • Snippets Library
    Store small pieces of re-usable code in a quick and easy way, once a snippet has been created it can be added to any file by simply double-clicking its name in the Snippets List.
  • ActiveHelp
    HyperCoder can monitor your code as you type and will display keyword help on commands in a small dockable help window (subject to the syntax definition file)
  • Tasks List
    Each computer user can have their own tasks list where they can add ToDo and debug tasks, these can then quickly be updated or marked as completed by that user as and when they are performed.
  • Version Control
    HyperCoder can automatically add version numbering details to the top of your source (configurable per language), this can include details such as the date and time, username, build number and version number. Build and Version numbers can be selectively incremented depending on if the script is saved or run.
  • Customisable Interface
    HyperCoder has a fully customisable interface, each of the information and tool panels can be undocked from the main window and then re-docked anywhere on the interface.
  • Project Based or File Based
    Creating a Project has the benefits of maintaining a single file as the Projects starting point. This is especially useful with BlitzBasic projects, as HyperCoder will never launch an Include file instead of the main file (unless instructed). Projects can be either Include based; i.e. HyperCoder will automatically scan and list all the include files associated with the main file including nested includes; or File Based; i.e. HyperCoder will display a tree-view style interface with the root being the projects location on your hard drive.
  • Symbols Library
    HyperCoder's resource window also contains a Symbols Library, from here you can easy look up and include ASCII key codes, BlitzBasic KeyCodes, HTML Encoding Codes and more.
  • Run, Debug and Compile
    Each language definition can be linked to a compiler with up to 3 different launching methods. HTML files can be directed to Internet Explorer, C++ files can be directed to your C++ compiler, BlitzBasic files can be directed to the BlitzCC. And, when the file is launched using one of the three available options its debug information is redirected to the HyperCoder debug window so you can verify and monitor any errors that might occur.
  • Color Swatches
    If you've ever needed to find a HEX color from in your scripts but just can't find it you'll love the color swatches window of hyperCoder. One click of the 'Scan' button and every HEX color is retrieved from your script and placed in the colors window, from there you can double-click the color to insert it into your script. Whats more, color swatches are saved with your projects and automatically loaded when you open your project. If your not working with projects you can still, load, import and save your custom color swatches.
  • Batch File Renamer
    From the Tools menu of HyperCoder you will find a number of useful tools, one of which is the File Renamer, this tool allows you to quickly rename files from within a folder.
  • Incremental Paste
    One of the most annoying pieces of code you will ever have to do will be one that has 50 lines all exactly the same except for a few numbers, with incremental paste you can reproduce the 50 lines directly from one. Simply create a template for the paste function, then with ever Ctrl+V your template will be adjusted to produce the code you need quickly.

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