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How to Organize Your iPod:

An unorganized iPod looks really sloppy, unintelligible, unintelligent and harder to find the music you're looking for. An Organized iPod makes it faster to access music. You also come off looking like you know what you're doing. Leave that up to iTunes and you're not heading down the right path. Let us guide you.


1. The names of the artists should be right. It seems simple enough but many people have Mickal Jacson, Miachel Jackson and Michael Jacskon all in a row. Put all songs by the same artist under one name.

2. iTunes lists duets as both artists in the artist section. Instead of that, put the main artist in the artist section and after the song list the second artists name as a featuring credit. Ex: iTunes way: Artist Artist 2 - song. Ex: This way: Artist - song (feat. artist 2)

3. If you only have a few songs by a group, delete the album titles. This will equal faster scrolling through album titles and fewer clicks to your selections.

4. If the album title is "Greatest Hits" you can delete that album title as well. Most likely, you'll have quite a few of those which can really crowd up the albums list.

5. For soundtracks, put Original Soundtrack for the title and then for the album put the name of the soundtrack. This keeps you from having to look to the albums subdivision orginally for soundtracks. Label the songs with the artists in the song field and a dash to seperate them.

6. For compilations, put Various Artists as the artist and the compilation as your as your album title following along similarly with the original soundtrack rule.

7. Keep the full albums you have tagged with track numbers lest you get single songs by that band in the middle of the album when you play all songs by a single artist.

8. Do not settle for untitled batches of tracks. Find out their names.

9. Connect your iPod to the computer to sync backup with iTunes and enjoy your newfound simplicity and organization.

  • iTunes is weird. For some artists with The "the" prefix as part of their name, iTunes will put them either near T for "the" or what follows for the band classification. For example, on my list, The Roots are in with the R's but not so with some other "the"'s.
  • Tagging your music files correctly can be time consuming and tiresome but it's worth it. Hang in there!
  • Don't worry about the genre classifications. It takes even longer to edit those and it's not really worth it.

Keep a backup of your music somewhere. Although Macs are widely known for not crashing, I-pods are the opposite and with anywhere over a gig will take a long time to tag. It's not something you'll want to do more than once.

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