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WebCrypt PRO

WebCrypt PRO You put a lot of hard work into your website, graphics, javascript and more - and your presence on the World Wide Web is unique. So how do you protect yourself from those who come along and view your html code to steal graphics right off your pages, use your content without permission, or link their downloads directly to your site, costing you valuable bandwidth?

The answer is WebCrypt Pro. An Award-winning HTML code encryption and graphics protection software. Successfully encrypt html code on ANY html page, including javascript. The entire document tags can be fully encrypted, leaving other important information, like meta tags, intact.

Visitors to your site will not be able to find and save your graphics, links, e-mail addresses, javascript, or view any of your html code - whether they choose to view your source or save your page(s) to their local hard drive.

Our exciting new Image-Splicer gives your graphics even more protection, by splicing your images into smaller files (use the grid to select as many splices as you wish). Visitors to your site will see your images exactly as the original appeared (without the gridlines, of course) - but your complete original image stays tucked away safely on your local hard drive!

Software Information System Requirements
Version: 5.0
  • Windows 8/7/XP/Vista
  • 2 Mb free disk space (PC/Linux)
  • 1 Mb free disk space (Mac)
License:Free to try
File Size: 1.00 MB
Screenshot : View Screenshot
Rating :

WebCrypt Pro Features: (Windows version)
  • Fully or partially encrypt your html code.
  • Encrypt your entire page or just use the built-in Link Protector to encrypt your PAYPAL links -- Stop cyber thieves from viewing your html code in order to access the redirect success URL address located in the PayPal buy button code. This stops thieves from downloading your products for free, or even reselling them and taking away your profits.
  • Option to encrypt the whole document (including meta tags) or just the body, leaving your meta tags intact(full document encryption functional only in IE browsers)
  • Disable Right-click-save-image (Internet Explorer 4 & higher, Netscape 6 & higher)
  • Built-in graphics splicer gives your graphics instant cache-protection (Version 3.0)
  • Save page to local hard drive completely disabled by using our built-in .js file creator
  • Disable Internet Explorer 6 Smart Tags
  • Disable Internet Explorer 6 Image popup Toolbar
  • Disable Text Highlighting for copy/paste (Internet Explorer 4 & higher)
  • Disable Page Printing (Internet Explorer 4 & higher, Netscape 6.2 & higher)
  • No-cache feature: Disables caching in Netscape Browsers
  • Set high to low encryption levels for faster or regular page loading
  • Enhanced compatibility for non-standard characters
  • Protect Mailto: protect your email address from spiders or robots, without having to encrypt your entire page.
  • Link Protector - Protect selected text and links without having to encrypt your entire page.
  • Disable Status Bar text (Internet Explorer only)

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