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Vision Backup Server w/ MS SQL & Exchange

Vision Backup Server w/ MS SQL & Exchange Vision Backup Server w/MS SQL & Exchange is a robust backup and recovery tool designed to protect your “connected world”. This is accomplished by enabling your organization to protect their entire network and remote branch offices through one single screen. Choose from multiple media's including CDR-RW/DVD-RW, FTP/SFTP/FTPS, Tape Drive, USB/Flash Drives, Hard Drives/NAS/ZIP/JAZZ and networked client computers. Also included is a powerful MS SQL and Exchange backup at the brick level.

Keep your data safe with on-the-fly, 448-bit encryption while maximizing storage efficiency with built-in, adjustable compression. Vision Backup Server w/MS SQL & Exchange is installable on Windows 2000, XP (Home and Pro),Vista, Win Server 2000/2003, and includes free plug-ins such as outlook express backup and My Desktop and Files backup.

Backups are about protecting your work, not the computer. Computers are replaceable, but your hard work is your lifeline, and if lost, could prove to be detrimental. Vision Backup Server w/MS SQL & Exchange gives you the power to easily protect your business from a potential disaster.

Software Information System Requirements
Version: 1.0
  • Windows 98/2000/XP/NT/ME/Vista
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 30MB free disk space
  • Internet Explorer 4.0.2 or later
License:Free to try, $349.95 to buy
File Size: 8.74 MB
Screenshot : View Screenshot
Rating :

  • Backup and restore to and from Tape, CD, DVD, USB/Flash Devices, Hard Drives, FTP, SFTP, FTPS, Remote Offices and LAN based workstation machines
  • Powerful MS SQL database and/or Exchange (full or at the brick level) backup
  • Advanced scheduling (Daily, weekly, monthly, at shutdown and startup)
  • Built in adjustable compression and strong 448 bit encryption
  • Backup an unlimited number of networked workstations or remote office workstations through one screen
  • Select files for backup from you local, networked or remote office machine(s) with an intuitive file tree
  • Seamlessly backup open, locked or in-use files on your local or networked machines (networked machines require the purchase of FAM for VB) with our integrated open file utility, File Access Manager for Vision Backup
  • Set up backup jobs to include or exclude certain file types with built in templates
  • Expand Vision Backup’s capabilities with FREE plug-ins such as my Web Browser Bookmarks, my Desktop and Files, Email Client Mailboxes and more
Features and Benefits of Vision Backup Server:
  • Supported Multiple Media’s
    Vision Backup was designed with multiple media support. The media includes backup and restores from CDR-RW/DVD-RW with Disk Spanning, Tape Drives, FTP/SFTP/FTPS, USB/Flash Drives, Hard Drives/NAS/ZIP/JAZZ and networked client computers.
  • MS SQL Support
    By utilizing the MS SQL API, Vision Backup has the capability to backup databases in MS SQL 2000/2005. Restoring data is quick and seamless with the help of SQL Enterprise Manager. Vision Backup does NOT require you to stop your MS SQL server to perform backups.
  • MS Exchange Support
    By utilizing the MS Exchange Storage Engine (ESE) API, Vision Backup has the capability to backup and restore a full MS Exchange 2000/2003 server. Through MAPI, Vision Backup has the ability to perform brick level backups to any media. Using brick level backup, Vision Backup can obtain a PST of all selected users mailboxes. Vision Backup does NOT require you to stop your MS Exchange server to perform backups.
  • Open File Backup (local and networked machines)
    All versions of Vision Backup include a free, integrated copy of File Access Manager for Vision Backup, our open file utility tool. FAM for VB will give Vision Backup to process open, locked or in-use files such as Outlook on your local machine. FAM for VB is also available as an add-on for your networked or remote machines that Vision Backup is backing up through your network. The cost per networked copy of FAM for VB is $29.95.
  • ZIP Backups
    ZIP backups are available in Vision Backup for all major media. Simply select the full ZIP backup or Increment ZIP backup when specifying your backup profile. Keep your ZIP safe and secure by using Vision Backup's built in ZIP encryption. Restore your ZIP backup's with ANY software, including Winzip, WinRAR and Windows.
  • Smart Crawl Technology
    Easily backup or exclude files by extension, over your entire network by adding a template with our Smart Crawl Technology. Easily backup all .DOC (Word) files, while excluding all .WAV (Media) with a few easy clicks.
  • Powerful Scheduled Backups
    Relying on a proprietary scheduler, Vision Backup allows for advanced scheduling such as “backup at shutdown” or “backup at start up” without having to have a user account set up.
  • Backup Offsite and Remote Computers
    Easily backup and restore remote computer by IP address or host name. After adding the remote machine, you can manage the backup from the easy to use file tree. Remote computers rely on the server side supporting FTP, FTPS, or SFTP.
  • Incremental/Differential/Straight File Copy Backups
    Choose from eight backup types including incremental, differential and ZIP backups. Also included is the ability to backup files in their native file format with the straight file copy backup option.
  • Strong 448 Bit Encryption and Compression
    Vision Backup can automatically protect your data with strong, 448-bit Blowfish Encryption before it leaves your computer. Your data will be password protected and safe.
  • Free Installable Plug-ins
    Enhance Vision Backup’s capabilities with free downloadable plug-ins. They include “Backup Directories and Files”, “My Desktop and Files”, “Web Browser Bookmarks”, “Fire Fox Settings” and more.

  • PBackup
    is an automatic backup tool that allows you to back up your data to local or network drives, FTP or LAN.

  • Automatically Backup My Documents
    automatically Backup My Documents is a unique backup solution that can help you with your data archiving needs.

  • Backup Plus
    is a great tool for backing up all of your important data as well as restoring it.

  • Backup2005 Pro
    can backup any folder to any destination (network lan, any removable media including CD and DVD).

  • xPodClone
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  • IncrediMail Backup
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  • Thunderbird Backup
    is backup tool which will backup all emails and settings from Thunderbird.

  • Outlook Express Backup
    can backup your Outlook Express messages, settings, Windows Address Book (WAB) to an archive file.

  • SQL Script Recovery
    is a decrypt software for SQL Server 7 and 2000 with examining stored procedures, triggers, views..

  • TribalWeb
    is software that allows you to exchange files with your friends on a private P2P network

  • Advanced Exchange Recovery
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  • Advanced Access Repair
    is a powerful tool to repair corrupt or damaged Microsoft Access databases.

  • Advanced Exchange Recovery
    is a powerful recovery tool for Microsoft Exchange offline storage files.

  • Advanced PDF Repair
    repair and recover corrupt or damaged Acrobat PDF files.

  • MySQL-to-MSSQL
    move MySQL databases to MS SQL server

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