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StrongDisk Pro

StrongDisk Pro StrongDisk Pro is a powerful tool to protect sensitive data on personal computers, notebooks, and removable media. The virtual encrypted disk technology is extremely effective, and securely protects your data.

Though powerful and effective, this technology works seamlessly with other applications, and is almost invisible for the user. You do not have to change your normal work habits or study cryptology! It has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use. It has more features than any other software in its peer group.

Software Information System Requirements
Version: 3.0
  • Windows 8/7/XP/Vista
  • Pentium II CPU
  • 128 Mb of RAM
License:Free to try, $79.95 to buy
File Size: 1.99 MB
Screenshot : View Screenshot
Rating :

Key Features:
  • External Keys
    You can use external keys to encrypt data on protected disks. An external key contains a special binary key-code, which will be used as a password to access the protected disks. This key-code is created randomly and is very long, thus eliminating the possibility of finding it by brute force. Two types of external keys are supported: a file-key or a trinket-key (a small device where the key-code is stored).
  • Your Laptop Was Stolen!
    Thefts of laptops containing sensitive information is becoming especially frequent nowdays. If you install StrongDisk Pro on your laptop, your data will not fall into the hands of a stranger, since StrongDisk Pro protects it. Both your password and external key are required to access the data. Moreover, using StrongDisk Pro not only prevents unauthorized access to protected data, but also hampers detection of its very presence.
  • Sudden Threat
    If there is a sudden threat to data security, you have several ways to protect your data:
    a) a pre-set hot key combination will cause emergency dismounting of all mounted protected disks;
    b) special features allow deceiving the violators by substituting "dummy" information in place of the "real" information.
  • Camouflage
    StrongDisk Pro can be configured so that those around you will not even know that you are hiding data inside your computer. Using a file-key (or just a password) and running StrongDisk Pro in the invisible mode will leave no visible traces of sensitive information being stored in your computer. In the invisible mode the StrongDisk Main dialog is opened with a hot key.
  • Irrecoverable File Deletion
    If you delete a file by standard Windows means, its contents remains on the disk; the file is just marked as deleted. That is what makes it possible to un-delete files. A special Burner utility comes with the StrongDisk Pro package, and it serves to completely delete files and irrevocably erase data in them.
  • Protecting the TEMP Folder
    When you work with your computer, some information is temporarily stored on the hard disk. This adds to the risk that sensitive information will be written there. With StrongDisk Pro you can create a protected TEMP directory and store all the temporary data there. This completely protects you against the possibility of accidentally leaving sensitive written information unencrypted.
  • Backup Copies
    It is clear that backup copies of all the important information should be made as often as possible. On the other hand, the more copies there are, the greater the possibility of data leakage. StrongDisk Pro easily deals with this problem. Disk image files can be copied to a CD-ROM, and data will remain encrypted, so that only the owner will be able to access them.

  • StrongDisk Server
    is the easiest way to provide the strongest possible protection against criminals or competitor espionage

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