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Screen Compass for Mac

Screen Compass for Mac allows you to measure the radius, circumference and area of circular or polygonal shapes on your screen simply and quickly.
  • Radius, Circumference and Area measurements
  • Use keyboard controls to measure precisely
  • Measure in pixels, inches or define your own units
  • 37 different polygons to measure, including triangle, square and pentagon.
  • Change the transparency to see through the Compass to what you're measuring

Software Information System Requirements
Version: 3.2
  • Mac OS X 10.2+
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 20 MB Hard Disk Space
License: free to try, $29.95 to buy
File Size: 296 KB

Skinnable Interface

The Compass has a fully 'skinnable' interface. This means that you may download new skins and change the user interface. Please note that the Compass has just been released and there are currently no new skins for download. From aesthetic to technical you should find onscreen solution that suits your needs.

Pictured on the right is the technical skin that comes with the program which provides additional nudge buttons and a central crosshair.

Polygonal Shapes

Unlike the compass that you may use on your drawing board the Screen Compass is not limited to simply drawing circles. Using the 'Shapes' menu you can choose to use a triangle, square, pentagon or any number of sided polygon up to the 39 sided Triacontakaienneagon. Pictured below are just two.

  • Fox Screen Capture
    screenshot capturing tool from foxshareware development team

  • Screen Calipers for Mac
    allows you to measure the radius, circumference and area of circular or polygonal shapes on your screen

  • Mad Clock Of Life
    Very Funny and Cool Clock with a lot of interesting facts about space, body, phisycs, earth and many more.

  • Screen Protractor Mac Edition
    allows you to easily and quickly measure any angle on the screen to the nearest Degree or Radian

  • Unit Conversion Tool
    is a powerful, intuitive utility for quick and accurate conversion between units of measure

  • ABF Value Converter
    is an application for measurement units conversion

  • Leeds Learning Colors and Shapes
    This will teach your kids different colors and shapes by displaying one shape or color on the screen

  • MilkShader for MilkShape 3D
    replacement graphics driver for the widely-respected low-poly 3D modeling app "MilkShape 3D" allowing the 3D viewports in MilkShape to use DirectX Vertex Shaders and Pixel Shaders for enhanced rendering

  • ShapeBook with 2D3DSteel
    is a steel reference tool for professionals and students needing access to the dimensions and design properties of structural steel shapes

  • Baby Safe II for Mac OS X
    displays basic geometric shapes, the alphabet , numbers and pictures as the baby hits the keyboard

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