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J2PrinterWorks Binary Site License

J2PrinterWorks Binary Site License J2PrinterWorks is a comprehensive JavaTM 2 solution for printing multi-page Swing-based documents.
It is a Java 2 framework for printing multi-page Swing-based documents. It paginates any sequence of JTextPane, JTable, JTree, JList, JPanel, and/or Component instances printed back-to-back.

J2PrinterWorks provides a comprehensive printing solution for the Java platform. It supports the creation and printing of documents defined using Swing components and fully utilizes the capabilities of the Java 2 printing model. Features include headers & footers with rich text, multiple lines, images, date, time,& page numbering, and first & rest-of-pages control. It supports per-Pageable margins, percent and fit-to-page scaling, orientation, centering, borders, horizontal lines, vertical gaps, and page ejects. Printing capabilities include print preview & page setup dialogs, print-to-Image and print-to-file, background and silent printing, print progress events, and the JDK 1.4 support for printer discovery & selection and cross-platform dialogs.

J2PrinterWorks works under any JDK 1.2 through 1.6 and comes with complete source code for 25 sample programs. The Free Trial Version prints an "Evaluation Use Only" notice in the headers and a "Thank You" page at the end but is otherwise fully functional. It is available in binary or source code versions under individual or site licenses. Licensing is on a per-developer basis with no run-time or distribution royalties.

Software Information System Requirements
Version: 5.0
  • Windows 8/7/XP/Vista
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Pentium II CPU
License:Free to try, $447.00 to buy
File Size: 3.5 MB
Screenshot : View Screenshot
Rating :

J2PrinterWorks supports these features:
  • prints any sequence of JTextPane, JTable, JTree, JList, JPanel, or Component instances (or subclasses thereof) printed back-to-back
  • per-Pageable headers & footers (left, center, right) with multiple lines, rich text, images, date, time, & page numbering, first & rest-of-pages control
  • per-Pageable margins (left, right, top, bottom) and orientation
  • per-Flowable scaling (% or fit-to-page) and horizontal & vertical centering
  • intermix horizontal lines, vertical gaps, page ejects
  • JTextPane supports StyledDocument, HTML, or RTF (subject to Java limitations), embedded images & components, WYSIWYG or reflow-to-width, page breaks, borders
  • JTable can be paginated horizontally or vertically, row & column subsets, column and row header replication, variable row height & column width, custom cell renderers, borders
  • JTree automatically scales to page width, breaks on tree node (row) boundaries, custom cell renderers, borders
  • JList automatically scales to page width, breaks on list item (row) boundaries, custom cell renderers, borders, layout orientation (1.4 or later)
  • JPanel can print any JPanel as well as smaller Components, Containers, or Images, shrink-to-fit, shrink-to-width, tile, or break-on-components, borders
  • Component can print any Component, Container, or Image, separate horizontal & vertical break rules, shrink-to-fit, tile, break-on-components, or break-on-color
  • print preview dialog with 1 or 2 page display, zoom, navigation, localization, customizability, and anti-aliasing
  • simple and custom page setup dialogs
  • native and cross-platform print dialogs
  • "silent" printing (no print dialog)
  • background printing with printing progress events
  • n-up printing
  • Java Web Start printing (JNLP), Headless printing
  • print to Postscript (JDK 1.4 or later), print to PDF, print to HTML and .jpg
  • supports JDK 1.4+ printer properties, discovery, & selection and cross-platform dialogs
  • works under JDK 1.2.x, 1.3.x, 1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x
  • includes source code for 25 sample programs
  • New with J2PrinterWorks 4.x: comes with one free year of Annual Maintenance
  • Binary and Source Code versions available under both Individual and Site Licenses
  • per-developer pricing, no distribution or run-time royalties

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