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autoID Password Manager for Mac OS X

Password Manager for Mac OS X Stop the password mess, autoID is a password manager for Mac OS X that can automatically select and enter for you the required name and password on web pages or fill-in forms, besides handling other secret items. 448 bit strong encryption.
In addition to managing your ID's and passwords, autoID can input personal and credit card information on web pages. When you need to fill in a web form, click on the first entry field and press option-command-/ (slash) or option-command-, (comma). autoID fills in the proper ID and password or asks you for what kind of information should be filled by pointing and clicking in a popup dialog. In the popup dialog you can select items from different categories, such as credit cards, logins and personal information.

autoID is document based, that means that you make a document where you store as many passwords, credit cards and notes as you want, but the document must remain open in autoID for its data to be available. The last document you used can be opened automatically for you every time you run autoID, but you can have as many documents as you like. Most people only need to use one single document.

In order to have personal information filled in, you need to setup your personal information using the Preferences, you can access the Preferences under the autoID menu.

Once you have setup your initial ID's, passwords, credit cards and so on you need to "Save" your document. At the time you save your document, you will need to provide a password for the document. If you provide a password, this password is used to encrypt the information on the hard disk and without this password the information cannot be recovered, so please remember this password. (This is the only password you need now). If you leave the password empty then anybody who can access your file can read it, so we suggest you pick a password.

When you run autoID again, the last document you had open will be opened, if the file requires a password you will need to type you password here for the document to open. Once the document is open autoID can access all the records in it and auto-fill forms for you. If you want to change the password on a document, select "Set/Change Document Password" from the file menu.

If the document requires a password and the password you provided for to the document is incorrect, select Open from the File menu, find your document and try again. You may have mistyped the password but the document is still there.

Software Information System Requirements
File Size:2.15 MB
  • Mac OS X 10. 10.3, 10.4, 10.5
  • The 10.4 version is a universal binary for PowerPC and Intel Macs
License:Free to try, $14.95 to buy
Screenshot:View Screenshot
Rating :

How autoID decides what to fill-in:
    When you press option-command-/ or option-command-, autoID asks your web browser what is the front web page being displayed. autoID then looks up a similar "web link" in the records of your open autoID documents and one of the following happens:

    If a "Web Link" entry in a record matches, or partially matches the web page, then autoID types in the ID and password for you. If the record found has a the checkbox set for also entering the "Notes" field, the "Notes" are also entered.

    If the the web page does not match an existing entry in your open autoID documents, then autoID will ask you what to do by showing a popup dialog. The popup dialog will display 3 categories of data that can be input.

    Password Manager for Mac

    Credit Card Information: autoID finds any records that contain a credit card number, and displays a list of the names given in the credit card records (or the number if there is no name). You can then select which fields of the credit card should be input by double clicking the field names on the list. To remove an item, double click on the list at the right side. The data here is obtained from your current autoID document.

    Login Information: autoID finds any records that contain an ID and a password, and displays these in a list. Most likely you use similar IDs and passwords in many web pages. Again, double click the list of fields to select what to fill-in, double click the list on the right to remove a field. The data here is obtained from your current autoID document.

    Personal Information: autoID shows a list on the right of the personal information items stored in the autoID preferences. You should have set these ahead of time. Double click on the list of fields on the left and the items that will be input move to the list on the right. To remove an item from the right list, double click it. An special field called (Empty Space) is provided in order to skip a field an move on the next one without inputting any data.

    Once you have selected that you want, click Done. An autoID will wait one second, then fill in your form for you. It's very simple!

    How do I press Option-Command-/ ? Hold down the option key, then the Command (or Apple key, which is right next to the option key) and while still holding down those two keys press the forward slash (/) key. When you get good at it you actually press option and command with one finger. Option-command-, (comma) also works.

    How secure is my data? autoID encrypts the contents of your file with a password supplied by you. If you choose to leave the password empty your data is still encrypted but not protected from someone else who opens the document. We stronlgly suggest you do provide a password.

    If you provided a password for the document, the data in the document cannot be obtained again or "decrypted" without providing that same password. autoID uses an industry standard encryption algorithm called Blowfish, we use a 48 bit key at a minumum and 448 bit key as a maximum. The longer your password the bigger the key and the more secure the data is. The thing is, if you forget this password, we cannot get your data back. That is the purpose of this keep things secret. The good new is that by remembering one password, you have secure access to many others besides notes and other things.
Key Features autoID Password Manager for Mac OS X :
  • Unicode based
  • Auto-fill in credit cards, personal information and login information on web sites.
  • Popup dialog asks you what to fill in on web sites not recognized automatically.
  • Keep track of confidential notes, serial numbers, passwords, credit cards, etc.
  • Protect your data with up to 448 bit Blowfish encryption. Without the right password the data cannot be retrieved.
  • Automatically enters the right login information on web pages. autoID knows which web page you are on, and selects and types for you the right name and password. Just press command-option-/
  • Grab the current web browser page when making new records.
  • Import and export in CSV format.
  • The password can be changed at any time after verifying the original password.
  • Find, Find Again.
  • Print (limited capability at this time)
  • Copy the name or the password of the current record to the clipboard.
  • Supports Safari, Internet Explorer, OmniWeb, Opera, iCab, Netscape and Mozilla.
  • Check for a new version of the software.
  • On international keyboards, option-command-, (comma) also works.
  • Automatically save and backup your autoID documents as you make changes.
  • autoID can hide itself after you run it and it opens the last document.
  • Unhide and hide itself when needed.
  • Drag and drop to reorder items in the main list.

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