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Audion 3

Audion 3 is a single app that bravely handles all your audio needs - It's easy to use, but with gobs of advanced features ready to be discovered!

Audion 3 can play your Audio CDs, your MP3s, and your streaming network audio, Audion 3 can encode, edit, mix, sort and manage, visualize and hypnotize. And now the version 3 can broadcast, record, crossfade, and even hang with your iPod. Best of all, Audion 3 got that Panic design - light, simple, and powerful.

Enter this number into Audion to unlock it! If copying and pasting doesn't work, try typing it in.
Serial Number: RNL07P0-030HWMV-4MAGDS3-4U17REX

Software Information System Requirements
  • Mac OS 8.6 or higher or Mac OS X 10.0 or higher
  • PowerPC 604 processor
  • A groove, preferably on
Screenshot:View Screenshot

Key Features:
  • MP3 Player
    High-quality, smooth MP3 playback
  • CD Player
    Reorder, remix, and affect your CDs
  • Net Audio Player
    Smoothly stream Icecast or Shoutcast
  • Alpha-Channel Interfaces
    The first on the Mac!
  • Finder-like Playlists
    You already know how they work!
  • Stream Guide
    Find net streams within Audion
  • Dock Integration
    Do everything in the dock!
  • CD Burning
    Burn audio in one quick click!
  • Handy Toolbars
    Easier access to cool features.
  • Portable Device Support
    Transfer to your RIO or Nomad!
  • Instant Search Box
    Narrow your playlist in a flash.
  • CD Title Entry
    CD not recognized? Add it!
  • MP3 Encoding
    Easily create MP3s from your CDs!
  • Real-time DJ Crossfading
    Mix like the pros, live!
  • Visualizations
    Trip out.. legally!
  • Multiple Control Windows
    Total flexibility for your audio
  • Waveform MP3 Editor
    Cut, copy, and paste in your MP3s!
  • Linked Playlists
    Mirror a folder, automatically!
  • Advanced ID3 Tag Editor
    Categorize your MP3s completely!
  • Popularity Rating System
    Sort by your favorite songs
  • Album Cover Art Support
    Store album art with your MP3s
  • Per-Song Volume/EQ Settings
    Compensate for quiet songs, and more
  • Plug-In Architecture
    Expand and customize Audion with ease
  • Powerful Console Window
    Simple plug-in management in one place
  • Face Hue Shifting
    A million color variations of each face!
  • Mixed-Mode Playlists
    CD tracks and MP3s in perfect harmony
  • Speed Control
    Make every song a Chipmunks song!
  • Auto Playlist Organization
    Create playlist heirarchy in an instant!
  • WAV, AIFF, Vorbis, More!
    More file formats = more listening fun
  • Much More!
    Way too much to mention here...

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