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askSam The World's Most Popular Free-Form Database.
askSam is the ideal application organize your information. askSam is a different kind of database - a free-form database designed for users rather than programmers.
It's never been easier to organize, search, and manage your information. askSam 6 is a flexible and powerful way to organize information and create searchable databases from Web pages, Email, PDF files, texts, and Word documents. For over 20 years askSam has been the choice of researchers and other information professionals. See why over 350,000 businesses, organizations, and individuals rely on askSam.

Software Information System Requirements
  • Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista
  • Pentium or similar processor
  • 64MB RAM
File Size:23.20 MB
License:Free to try, $149.95 to buy

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Use askSam for...
  • Research
  • Free-Form & Text Databases
  • Email Archiving
  • Web Databases
  • Databases of Microsoft Word Documents
  • Electronic Publishing
  • Recruiting / Resume Solutions
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Custom Database Solutions
askSam Features:
  • Dynamic Folder View: Organize Your Information in Folders
    With the Dynamic Folder View, askSam lets you place your information in folders and sub-folders. Unlike most folder implementations, askSam Folders are displayed dynamically. You select a field in your database and askSam builds the Folder View based on the contents of this field.
  • Save Web Pages Directly Into askSam
    You can choose to save the current Web page, or you can save the current page as well as linked pages. askSam allows you to enter a title, keywords, and notes about the pages you save. Web pages can be saved into Entry Forms that you create. You can define specific fields that are relevant to the information you gather.
  • Browser View Displays Saved Web Pages in askSam
    askSam's Browser View displays Web pages just as you'd see them in your browser - complete with graphics, formats, and frames.
  • Automatically Build Pick Lists from the Contents of a Field
    A new Pick List option lets you automatically build Pick Lists from the contents of a field.
    • Automatically generate a pick list from any field in the current file or another askSam file.
    • Define a delimiter that separates terms in the field (for example a comma or semi-colon).
    • askSam automatically lists and sorts the pick list.
    • Great for generating lists of keywords, authors, categories, etc.
  • Floating/Dockable Search Results Window
    The Search Results Window is now displayed as a floating window. This lets you place it along side your askSam file (if you're working on a large or high resolution monitor). You can also dock the search results Window to save space on the screen.
  • Tabbed Interface in Search Results Window
    The floating Search Results Window displays tabs to let you quickly switch between databases that you've searched.
  • Associate Search Results View with Stored Searches
    You can associate a customized search results view with a stored search. First, define your search view by either customizing the default view or creating a new view. Then on your stored search screen, check the "Associate with Search Results View" option. A new window pops up that will let you choose the Search Results view from a list.
  • Pick List in Stored Search Prompts
    You can set up stored searches use search prompts, and you can select a pick list to display in the prompt. For example, a report that asks you to "Choose the Sales Rep" could also give you a pick list of the Sales Reps.
  • Prompt Exact Phrase Vs. Multiple Words
    In prompt searches, you now have the option of choosing whether the search term is an exact phrase (for example "leather sofa") or multiple words (for example "leather" and "sofa" which would find the phrase "the sofa was leather")
  • Pick List in Report Prompts
    For reports that use search prompts, you can select a pick list to display in the prompt. For example, a report that asks you to "Choose the Sales Rep" could also give you a pick list of the Sales Reps.
  • Word List in Report Prompts
    For reports that use search prompts, you can select search terms from the Word List to insert into the prompt. The Word List is generated when an askSam database is indexed. This feature is available in Pro version only.
  • Reports and Paper Size
    askSam Reports now allow you to specify a specific paper size and this paper size will be saved along with the report. The default size for the report is used from your printer's default settings. When the report is printed, it will use this paper size.
  • And much more ...
More Screenshots - Click each image to enlarge!

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    A full-featured address book software with dialer.
  • StickyNote
    Create photo-realistic 3D notes on your desktop like : Passwords, Phone numbers, Messages, Ideas.
  • AMF Daily Planner & Personal Information Manager
    Schedules, organizes tasks, orders address book and contacts, manages due dates, expenses, and email.
  • C-Organizer Pro
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  • My Notes Center
    A digital notes and personal information manager with advanced encryption options, built-in text editor, printing support.
  • EssentialPIM Pro
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  • Easy Time
    is the diary with integrated alarm clock and reminder program including time synchronization abilities.
  • AcePlanner
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  • EzVoice
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  • Business Letter Professional
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  • Quick To-Do Pro
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  • Optitask Business Process Automation Software
    Free staff from performing repetitive chores, enabling them to focus on more important tasks.

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