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MyVirtualHome 3D Home Design Software

MyVirtualHome 3D Home Design Software Design your house in 3D faster and with more realism than with any other product on the market today.

MyVirtualHome 3D Home Design Software allows users to design and walk through a 3D visualisation of their perfect home on their computer and then paint and decorate it using thousands of products.
MyVirtualHome is focused on ease of use, via using games based technology rather than the traditional complicated CAD software approach. This results in stunning texture replication (realism) and dimensional accuracy. MyVirtualHome calculates colour and lighting accuracy of both internal and external light sources.
Visually stunning easy to use 3D home design software. Preview your home designs and product selections. Select from thousands of textures (paint, laminate, tiles, carpets, floorboards) and 3D objects like TV's, couches, and kitchen appliances. Constructing a home is as simple as importing an image of your floor plan then selecting suitable rooms to place on top of the plan. Rooms click together to form the home.
The main aim of MyVirtualHome is to offer software that enables everyone to design new home, and then to share it with others easily.

Software Information System Requirements
Version: 1.8.3
  • Windows XP with SP2 or better or Vista
  • 2ghz processor or better
  • 1 gig RAM of system memory
  • 3D Grapics card with 32meg of graphics memory or better
  • 2Gb (2000Mb) of free hard drive space for installation and updates
File Size: 35.00 MB
Screenshot :View Screenshot
Rating :

Key Features of MyVirtualHome 3D Home Design Software:
  • Real Time Interaction
    Open doors, turn lights on, bump into walls (without the ouch) and set your height to see what it will look like from your perspective.
  • Dynamic Shadows
    Dynamic Shadows are created in real time or let your computer render the whole house (not just a room) through 4 levels of quality to show off your design in stunning 3D.
  • Radiosity Lighting
    Change the colour on the wall and watch how other surfaces react in real time. The image shows a granite bench (highly reflective) and how the room "warms" when the paint colour is changed. This also happens with curtains, carpets and other textures.
    This is truely revolutionary.
  • HomeShare
    Share your plans with your friends easily over the internet. You will be given a 1/2 price offer when you purchase MVH to pass onto your friends so you can "share" your home.
  • Drag and Drop just about everything
    Rooms, walls, kitchen cupboards, doors, furniture are all just a drag and drop away.
  • Free Updates Included
    Receive free regular updates to the program adding new features as well as new products to place in your design. Check out the development blog for more info about what is comming soon or visit the forum to request a new feature or product to be added.
  • Auto snap to and alignment
    Let the auto alignment system make it easy.
  • Auto roof generation
    Need a roof in a hurry. Just click the roof button and one will be generated for you.
  • Standard games based keyboard controls
    If you play games you will be familiar with keyboard commands such as W,A,S,D, to walk around.


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