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FloSpace FloPrompter Professional

FloSpace FloPrompter FloPrompter is the most innovative PC-based teleprompter solution on the market! Compose your teleprompter scripts with the full range of rich text styles, multiple broadcast segments (scripts) per file, and extensive user customization including background colors and themes. Smooth scrolling in the teleprompter window. Import and export to and from Microsoft Word, HTML, and many other formats. FloPrompter Professional also includes a spell checker and thesaurus.
With the press of the Play button, you can launch the teleprompter window. Set up the scrolling speed, text zoom level, and then press the Play button to start the action! The Professional edition includes support for mirrored (a.k.a., 'reverse') text, support for multiple monitors using 'Talent Windows,' and an easy to use separate 'Control Pad' window.

Control the Teleprompter Remotely
FloPrompter Professional supports remote controls! See the FloSpace web site for a list of recommended wireless presenters and programmable foot switches.

Who Uses FloPrompter?
FloPrompter Professional is used by a growing number of media production specialists in studios around the world. Customers include studios that make short and feature films, documentaries, commercials, multi-lingual audio dubbing, and for professional speaking engagements. Whether the destination is YouTube, the multiplex or anywhere in between, FloPrompter Professional helps customers deliver a better quality product.

Need a More Affordable Teleprompter Solution?
FloSpace delivers excellent value with FloPrompter Standard, the software version targeted for everyday usage. FloPrompter Standard offers a fantastic teleprompting experience, minus the advanced features such as mirrored text and multiple monitor support. Visit the FloSpace web site to compare the Standard and Professional editions and see the full list of feature differences.

Software Information System Requirements
Version: 3.0
  • Windows XP or Vista
  • Microsoft .NET 2.0 framework (already installed on most Windows computers)
File Size: 11.0 MB
License:Free to try, $250.00 to buy
Screenshot:View Screenshot
Rating :

FloPrompter Feature List:
  • Rich Text Styling
    Apply styling and formatting to text, including bold, italics, text color, alignment, bullets, indenting, and more.
  • Import from Microsoft Word, HTML & Other Formats
    Import a speech or script written in another common format, such as Microsoft Word, RTF, web page (HTML), plain text (TXT), and even another FloPrompter file!
  • Export to Microsoft Word, HTML & Other Formats
    Export to Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, web pages (HTML), RTF, or plain text files. You can also export either the entire document or a single broadcast segment (script).
  • Beautiful Microsoft Office 2007 Design Style
    We licensed the beautiful new Microsoft Office 2007 design style and added our own gorgeous icons. After all, great software should not only offer a great feature list at a great price, but also look great!
  • Unlimited Broadcast Segments (Scripts)
    Add an unlimited number of broadcast segments (a.k.a., scripts). Each broadcast segment is shown on its own tab page in the Authoring Window. Double click on the tab to rename it, and easily rearrange the tabs by clicking and dragging them into a new location.
  • Easily Edit Broadcast Segment Titles
    Just double click on a tab to change a segment's title.
  • File-Specific Display Settings
    FloPrompter can be set to "remember" the settings stored in each file so that it always displays in the Teleprompter window at a certain zoom level, scroll speed, window size, and more!
  • Automatically Hide Control Bar
    Optionally hide the control bar in the Teleprompter window while the text is scrolling.
  • Automatically Loop the Teleprompter
    Automatically scroll through all broadcast segments in the Teleprompter window, then loop back to start from the beginning! Set the pause between restarting in the Options Dialog.
  • Find and Replace
    Find and/or Replace text throughout the document in an innovative user interface.
  • Spellcheck
    Check spelling as you type! Or click the button to check spelling at any time. You can also save new words in a custom dictionary.
  • Theaurus
    Look up synonym suggestions to help your presentation sound even better.
  • Customizable Background Color
    Set the background color to black, white, green, blue, or any other color imaginable.
  • Themes
    Set a window theme (blue, black, or silver) and apply an accent color to express your style.
  • Support for a Wireless Presenter
    Use one of the popular remote control wireless presenters to control scrolling features in the Teleprompter window. These same devices can be used for remotely controlling Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. Be sure to check our list of recommended devices!
  • Support for Programmable Foot Switches
    Use a programmable foot switch to control scrolling features in the Teleprompter window. Be sure to check our list of recommended foot switches!
  • Automatic Update Checks
    FloPrompter checks the web site from time to time to see if a newer version is available. All 3.xx updates are free!
  • Extensive Program Options
    FloPrompter offers an extensive set of user preferences, such as your preferred teleprompter scrolling speed and zoom level, your preferred folder for storing FloPrompter files, the size of text on the tabs, and much more!
  • Free Technical Support
    Customers enjoy free technical support by email or telephone!
  • Free 3.xx Updates
    Customers enjoy free updates for all 3.xx versions!
  • IT Administrator Settings
    The IT administrator can turn off automatic update checks and simplify where user settings are stored.
  • Mirrored Text
    Optionally display text in the teleprompter window in “reversed” or “mirrored” format.
  • Multiple Talent Windows
    A “Talent” teleprompter window is synchronized to scroll and show the same view as the controller's window. The controller can create an unlimited number of Talent Windows. Each Talent window can independently have its own Mirrored Text setting, separate from the controller's window.
  • Control Pad Window
    Control the Teleprompter windows using a separate “remote control pad” window which provides easy access to the most commonly used features.
  • Black Out Panels
    Blackout screens can hide the desktop from view so the teleprompter reader can focus on the text and not your computer's lovely wallpaper. Plus, the blackout screens are resizable and can be set to any color imaginable — not just black!
  • Line Spacing
    Control spacing between lines in the Authoring Window (e.g., single or double spacing).
  • Insert Pictures
    Insert pictures and images into text in the Authoring Window.
  • View Formatting Marks
    View formatting marks in the Authoring Window, one of the more popular features in Microsoft Word.
  • Convert to ALL CAPS
    Convert a highlighted block of text to ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

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