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WebCam Control Center

Add live Webcam images to your website quickly and easily.
WebCam-Control-Center is Webcam software and comprehensive motion detection system and auto-capture makes it easy to monitor any area with your Webcam. Schedule its FTP/Email client to take and upload captures to your website automatically every few seconds, or whenever motion is detected. It even converts images to .jpg or .gif formats before uploading, if you want. You can create AVI movies easily, and preview instantly from a separate window, while controlling frame rates. Additionally, take pictures with your Webcam and date stamp or put captions on the shots. Its intuitive interface and small footprint makes video taking a snap, whether you're a novice or an advanced user.

Software Information System Requirements
  • Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP/Vista
  • Pentium or similar processor
  • WebCam (video device) and/or NetCam (IP-Cam
File Size:722 KB
License:Free to try, $19.95 to buy
Screenshot:View Screenshot

Main Functions:
  • Adjustment Tool
    • Adjust your video device through the driver based dialogs.
    • Several video devices - At the start of the program select your preferred working video device from a list of all existing video devices.
    • Record AVI videos form your video device in the current video format, with or without audio, in any length.
    • Take pictures from your video device in the current video format.
    • View the last taken picture in a separate window.
    • Convert every picture taken into GIF and/or JPG ( with a chosen compression factor ).
    • Print captions on your picture, such as the current date, time or your own text. This can also be done in motion detector and FTP mode.
    • Preview window - Show or hide a preview window. Halt the video in the preview window, or let it run.
    • Only preview window - Show only the preview window on your desktop with a black background around.
    • Preview fullscreen - Stretch the preview window to fullscreen.
    • Always on top - Show the preview window as the topmost window above all other windows, to always see what happens.
    • Taskbar ICON - The application generates no button in the taskbar, but only an icon in the system area of the taskbar. You can minimize the applications window to have only the preview window on your desktop (topmost or not), or nothing.
  • Motion Detector
    • Relevant Areas - Select the areas of the video picture that are relevant for the motion detection, by painting.
    • Picture Difference - Adjust the picture difference in % ( of the relevant areas ) at which a motion detection occurs.
    • Action at Detection - Select the functions that will be carried out at when motion is detected : take pictures, record an AVI, execute any external program, update a log file, play a sound, FTP transfer, send Emails.
    • Picture taking and AVI recording - Select whether you want the file name to be the same each time or if you want a new file at each detection ( file_001.jpg/.avi ... file_99999.jpg/.avi ). You can specify the maximum number of files to create.
    • Test for motion only once, once per x seconds, or as often as possible.
    • Different test modes - compare the current picture against the picture when the detection started, against the previous picture, or against the last picture without a detection.
  • FTP client
    • Dial Up - Dials ( and hangs up ) automatically to establish an Internet connection. You can select the time period in which dialup is allowed.
    • FTP connection - Connect to your choosen Internet FTP server.
    • Uploading Files - Upload selected files to the target server directory, periodically every x seconds, or at motion detection, or manually by clicking.
    • Upload the current video picture to your homepage. Take pictures, optionally converting them to GIF and/or JPG, and automatically upload them every x seconds.!
    • Permanent picture mode - The program connects once to the Internet and to your FTP server and then takes pictures and uploads them permanently or in x second intervals. If you wish, the program can take a break for a while and then restart from the beginning, so you will always have the current video picture on your webpage to see what is happening in front of the camera. An easy-to-use JAVA applet is included for showing and updating the picture on your web page. Another method is to take permanent pictures (with breaks and/or intervals) and save them on your harddrive. Then install one of the several freeware webservers/FTPservers and you have a constant surveillance in your LAN or from the Internet.
    • FTP without a video device. - You can use the FTP client functions without having a video device.
  • Email client
    • Dial Up - Dials ( and hangs up ) automatically to establish an Internet connection. You can select the time period in which dialup is allowed.
    • Send the email to several email addresses.
    • Attach files - You can attach several files to the email.
    • Attach the current video picture - Let the program take the current video picture, attach it to the email and send the email.
    • Record an AVI in desired length, attach it to the email and send the email.
    • Automatically, Periodically or Manually Send Emails - periodically every x seconds, or at motion detection, or manually by clicking!
  • IP-Cam
    • Support of IP-Cams - Receives the IP-Cam pictures from your local LAN or from the Internet.
    • Only the IP-address and picturename are needed to support an IP-Cam ( pictures must be .BMP or .JPG ).
    • Several IP-Cam preview windows are simultaneous possible.
    • See what is going on within your company from all installed LAN IP-Cams.
    • Nearly all functions from a real connected camera are for the IP-Cams available ( but only for the one who has the focus ).!
    • No real connected camera is needed.!

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