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SpamEater Pro - anti-spam and email filtering software

Since 1997, SpamEater Pro has been a leader in the spam fighting tools category. With the NEW SpamEater Pro 4.0, it even more powerful and easier to use with it's XP style interface. With SpamEater Pro you can fight spam easily and effectively. SpamEater Pro is an advanced anti-spam and email notification system. SpamEater can reduce the amount of spam you see in your mailbox by 95% or more! It'll also notify you of any waiting mail after it clears out the spam by using a popup window, playing a WAV file, or even executing your email client software.

SpamEater Pro is an award winning anti-spam and email filtering software that will seek out and 'eat' Spam in your mailbox before you download it to your mail client.

Once you tell SpamEater Pro where your ISP's mail server is, and your login information, SpamEater will connect with the server, either on a timed basis, or manually as you desire, and check the messages on the server for spam, removing any found and, optionally, archiving locally.
There are a number of fully configurable checks that are performed on the messages. These range from checks to see if the message is from one of your defined Approved Senders, a blocked sender, from a blocked country code, checking to see if the server that delivered the message is in one of any number of internet blacklist databases, to a virtually unlimited number of filter rules.

Software Information System Requirements
  • Windows 8/7/XP/Vista
  • Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher
  • 512 MB RAM
File Size:4.42 MB
License:Free to try, $24.95 to buy

Here are some highlights of features you'll find in SpamEater Pro:
  • Powerful Filtering:
    SpamEater Pro includes a powerful and flexible set of filter rules to help block even the most persistent spammers. There's even a user friendly interface for you to enter your own rules to the many that come with SpamEater Pro! Easy online updates are also included! Filter types include message subject, header fields, bodies, blocked senders (NEW in v4.0), message sizes, country codes (NEW in v4.0), and more. Rules can be set to reject and delete messages, flag messages, or to always accept specific messages.
  • Approved Senders:
    Setup a list of your friends email addresses and SpamEater Pro will always accept their messages. You can even import these addresses from your supported Address Book - currently included are Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape, and Eudora, among others. (API available for 3rd party development - please send inquiries to
  • Real-time Internet Blacklist support:
    There are a number of dynamic Blacklists available today on the Internet. Many of these are free for personal use. The Blacklists databases contain dynamic lists of known spammers, spam-friendly ISPs, dial-up users, open relays, etc. SpamEater Pro can query these databases real-time! SpamEater Pro comes setup and ready to use with popular blacklists predefined, and you can add more as desired - no limit to the number allowed.
  • Flexible Scheduled Checks:
    With SpamEater Pro 4.0, you can now set the same or separate schedules for automated checks. With these automated checks, you mailbox stays free of spam with no effort on your part! Simply set and forget!
  • Local Message Archive:
    You can tell SpamEater Pro to download a copy of all rejected messages, on an account by account basis, and store them locally for later review. Messages in these archives can then be deleted, copied-n-pasted to SpamCop web form for complaint generation, bounced (NEW in v4.0), or recovered. SpamEater Pro can be set to automatically clean out old archived messages after a number of days that you specify.
  • Network Support:
    SpamEater Pro supports all network connection types to the Internet and any other TCP/IP network. If you can successfully connect to the internet or your TCP/IP networks on your computer, then SpamEater Pro supports your connection!
More Screenshots - Click each image to enlarge!
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