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KittyXplorer KittyXplorer encrypts images and other files individually or as strong encrypted archives that safely hide any file information, such as names, size, and data. Direct preview of encrypted archives. The decryption is done on-the-fly in RAM and no data are written in the hard disk. Ideal to safely backup and store digital photos, videos, and other media.
Files are put together in encrypted archives, where the individual file data and paths cannot be seen. No one can tell whether an archive contains several images, or a big video file, or just garbage. Every archive could be protected with a different password. It is also safe to use the same password for all archives.
To encrypt folders with images, select them and choose Create New Archive. Select the encryption algorithm, enter the password, and the strong encrypted archive will be created. ZIP archives can be imported directly.

Software Information System Requirements
Version: 1.1.1c
  • Windows 2000,XP,2003,Vista
  • IBM PC compatible;
  • .NET Framework
File Size: 1.18 MB
License: Free to try, $24.95 to buy
Screenshot:View Screenshot
Rating :

Key Features of KittyXplorer:
    Strong Symmetric Encryption
  • Encryption types: AES with 128, 192, and 256 bit keys; Blowfish with 128, 192, 256, and 448 bit keys; Serpent with 128, 192, and 256 bit keys.
  • Encryption is done in CBC mode per entry file (not per sector), removing any casual patterns.
  • Zip deflate compression of data before encryption.
  • Encrypts files individually, or in strong encrypted A2R archives where the file paths and sizes cannot be seen.
  • Each archive entry is encrypted with its own different key, and with its own initialization vector.
  • Keys are generated from the password based on PKCS #5, with SHA256 (and SHA512 for 448 bit keys). The iteration count (1024) is configurable.
  • Secure random generator for salt and initialization vector based on Young and Yung (2004) method using AES, and various random seed data, including the user mouse movements.
  • Archive directory and directory offset are encrypted with different keys in CBC mode.
  • All file data, such as, names (archive directory) are encrypted.
  • No tags, or any marking in the encrypted files, or encrypted archives. No one can tell if the encrypted files are really encrypted or that are really related to this application (plausible deniability).
  • Hints about the entered password quality are provided as you enter the password, and a secure keyboard helps to enter the passwords in unsafe environments, to avoid key loggers.
  • Passwords are kept encrypted with random session keys in RAM during program execution.
  • The encrypted files timestamps are set to random values.
  • No .NET, or Windows Crypto API encryption functionality is used, but custom, standard compatible, implementations (AES is fully compatible with .NET Rijndael).
  • Encrypted internal clipboard to copy data between the application windows so the sensitive data never leaves the application.
  • No backdoors, you have to know the original password to see the data.
    Integrated Image Viewer
  • The integrated image viewer can directly preview disk file images, or images inside ZIP or encrypted A2R archives.
  • Decryption of images is done in RAM. No data are ever written to the hard-disk.
  • Detects images based on magic numbers, the file extenssions do not matter.
  • Easy maximize of image preview, by double-click on images.
  • Reports image metadata and embedded thumbnails.
  • Thumbnail previews for files and folders.
  • Resizable (large) Windows Vista like image thumbnails, up to 256 pixels.
  • Full screen slideshows.
  • Integrated text viewer to directly edit encrypted text files (ASCII / UNICODE / RTF). Ideal to store passwords, links, paths, etc.
  • The text viewer can preview also the system locked history index.dat files.
  • Easy support for multiple screen monitors, including synchronized multi-monitor views.
    Easy to Use Interface
  • Can be used to browse the file system and launch (run / open) documents and programs.
  • Shows all files, including the system and hidden files (configurable).
  • Directly report / modify NTFS secondary streams (alternative data streams).
  • Direct preview of strong encrypted A2R archives, including thumbnail views.
  • Colored file and folder paths based on system file attributes (EFS, hidden, etc.).
  • Direct preview of ZIP files, or encrypted ZIP files, including thumbnails.
  • Encryption capabilities are seamlessly integrated in the interface.
  • Automatic keyboard browsing to the next / previous file no matter the folder.
  • Various way to sort files, including logical sort of related file names.
  • Free encrypted secure bookmarks (web and local).
  • Leaves no traces in system about the user actions history.
    History Cleaner
  • Secure file wiper to shred and delete the files and folders unrecoverably.
  • The history and evidence cleaner can be fully customized with new clean units that support folders, files and Windows Registry.
  • The integrated system history and evidence cleaner safely wipes the history of Internet Explorer, Mozilla / Firefox, Windows Explorer, Recycle Bin, etc.
  • The custom clean units can be exported and imported to safely share security tips with others.
    Other Features
  • Support to unzip files and a massive unzip tool.
  • Easy manipulate A2R archives: append, extract, delete, verify integrity.
  • A2R directory backup / restore.
  • Directly change wallpaper.
  • Base64 encoding for encrypted images / text, to embed directly images into emails.
  • File search (including inside ZIP and encrypted A2R archives).
  • User configurable automatic exit timer to close the application.
  • Customizable icon, so that no one can figure casually what application your are using.
  • Drag and drop from Windows Explorer.
  • Add / remove / wipe the NTFS secondary streams.
  • Split / join for big files
    Find Duplicate Files
  • Professional duplicate files detector included.
  • Compare and wipe repeated files.
  • Store comparison index and load it later to compare a new set of files against the old ones, without the need to have the original files present.
  • The comparison index is stored, by default, encrypted.
  • Various reports of duplicated files, including directory preview of to be wiped files.
  • Various user selected strong hashes to compare the files.
  • Scans and compares directly ZIP file entries.
  • Direct preview of compared images
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