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Smart Keylogger

Smart Keylogger (Invisible Keylogger Remote Edition) is the most advanced remote keylogger offered anywhere. This Stealth Keylogger offers you maximum stealth performance and at the same time is also very simplistic and easy to use. Smart Keylogger was designed for both novice and professional, the parent, or anyone else! Try our powerful remote keylogger with the most advanced stealth recording technology today.

Smart Keylogger is an advanced version of Invisible Keylogger. Smart Keylogger offers you the ability to remotely install the keylogger application in complete stealth mode undetectable by the user. Smart Keylogger was designed for parents who need to monitor their children remotely, or anyone who needs the ability to remotely install the application without it being detected by the email recipient.

Software Information System Requirements
  • Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP
  • Pentium or similar processor
  • 64MB RAM
File Size:263 KB
License:Free to try, $59.99 to buy

Key Features:
  • Completely Stealth - Configure Smart Keylogger to hide during monitoring sessions and it is virtually impossible to detect. Smart Keylogger will not be listed in the task manager and also gives you the option to remove it from the uninstall list! Superior stealth performance that is unmatched by others!
  • Windows Startup - Configure Smart Keylogger to startup for a single user, or to start up as a service for all users on the system - perfect for monitoring multiple users of a PC if you have access to install the keylogger.
  • Automatic Startup - Automatically begin recording immediately all users no matter if they are password protected! Upon windows startup Smart Keylogger will capture all information from the users you intend to monitor.
  • Intuitive Interface - Invisible Keylogger (Remote) has a very intuitive and friendly user interface. All functions are self explanatory and actions can be easily executed with a click of the mouse from novice to professional it's simple to use.
  • Application Monitoring - Smart Keylogger can record all applications ran and the text typed in these applications. You are given the option to specify which applications you want Invisible Keylogger (Remote) to record.
  • Password Recording - Smart Keylogger will capture all user names and password secretly in complete stealth mode! This includes all https: secure user logins /passwords as well as html based user logins/passwords.
  • Messenger Recording - Smart Keylogger will capture all text on AOL/ICQ/ YAHOO/MSN/AIM MESSENGERS and store logs in an easy to read format that is time stamped on every event captured!
  • Clipboard Recording - Smart Keylogger will record all clipboard text and save it for later viewing! This will enable you to see all text even text that has been cut and pasted in a browser, email, or Anywhere!
  • Website Recording - Smart Keylogger will record and time stamp all websites visited. If a user is surfing inappropriate content, Smart Keylogger will record this content. You may re-visit all websites directly inside the Smart Keylogger viewer.
  • Keyboard Recording - Smart Keylogger will record all keystrokes typed secretly, completely undetectable to the user! The Remote Keylogger will also capture international keyboards enabling you to find out anything you need to know.
  • Stealth Email Recording - Smart Keylogger will record all keystrokes typed secretly, completely undetectable to the user! This includes chats typed, instant messenger conversations typed, passwords, usernames etc.
  • Stealth Email Reporting - Smart Keylogger can deliver reports of recorded activity secretly at set intervals. All logs can be sent by email secretly for you to read at anytime! You no longer have to enter an smtp server! Using our Dns Lookup technology you can simply enter your email address and receive reports.
  • Stealth Remote Installation - Smart Keylogger can be deployed remotely to a computer via email. Simply build the remote file and combine it with games, puzzles or even leave it standalone. Once the file is configured and sent, Smart Keylogger will deliver you reports of the user's activity v ia email.
  • Unbeatable Stealth Mode - Smart Keylogger offers many levels of stealth capability to prevent the user from removing the software. Smart Kelogger will not be displayed in the task manager, the process tab (under Windows NT/XP/2000), or anywhere else!
  • Encrypted Log Files - Smart Keylogger encrypts all logs files and protects them from being viewed. Only you can read the logs with a unique username and password that you may change at anytime!
  • Automatic Log Clearing - Smart Keylogger can be configured to clear all logs at set intervals as an added security measure. You may also clear logs at anytime and completely remove them from your computer!
  • Password Protection - Smart Keylogger is password protected to prevent others from starting/stopping the recording process, as well as changing Smart Keyloggers configuration settings during your secret monitoring sessions.
  • Stealth Log Exporting - Export Smart Keyloggers recorded logs into an easy to read html document for later viewing or record keeping. The log files are stored by date and time enabling to go find the information you need quickly.
  • Only 263kb File Size - The most notable feature about Smart Keylogger is it's compact file size. Simply download the keylogger onto a floppy disk and it can literally be used anywhere, anytime without the possibility of it being discovered.

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