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Data Recovery Express
Recover your deleted and lost files from your hard drive and other storage media
Used to print from Windows to LPD enabled network printers or printers attached to Unix machines.
DRM protected file converter.
XLS Converter
Easily convert excel file(*.xls) to any other document format like *.txt, *.csv, *.mdb, *.htm, *.dbf etc.

What Are the Best Data Recovery Tools for Your PC?

The best way through which you can recover your unexpected data loss is basically being prepared adequately. Having tools of data recovery on your hand, then you will be always ready to save your data from complete loss. Actually, despite the fact that it is important to always protect yourself from data loss, probably, through having a redundant and real-time back-up, sometimes data loss may sneak right into you without any warning. As a result, it is always important to be armed with recovery tools. The following data recovery tools will definitely help you save your data from the reaper.

TestDisk (Mac/Linux/Windows)

This is a powerful open source tool helpful for data recovery. It does not only perform the basic file recovery such as undeleting the accidentally deleted files from NFTS, FAT, and ext2 file systems, but also it brings with it numerous additional functionality. Test disk helps you to recover your boot sector, fix your MFT and FAT tables, locate the ext2 and ext3 backup superblock, as well as copy the deleted files from the partitions in order to recover them to the recovery media. It is basically a command lime tool, and for this reason, there is no GUI, although the menus together with the documentation in the wiki should help the user to get started without experiencing much trouble.

Recuva (Windows)

Recuva is a windows based recovery tool. Recuva essentially helps you to resurrect the missing files through the application’s manual mode or the file-recovery wizard. The file-recovery wizard is a useful tool when you are not very sure where the file you are looking for went or how you can get it back. On the other hand, the wizard helps you to narrow down your search type to music, documents, pictures, videos, or other files. It also enables you to set the research location to any place in the computer. If you do not want to use the wizard, then you can jump into manual mode so that you can get searching where you know the file is.

PhotoRec (Linux/Mac/Windows)

This is a companion program to TestDisk that is also devoid of DUI although it is a god tool for file recovery. It can also be included independently in recovery owing to the fact that a number of users distinctly prefer using PhotoRec since it is a safer alternative when deep disk recovery is not important. The recovery tool does not mess with the partitions but it will assist you to get into your disks in a safe, read-only mode as well as ignore partitions together with file systems in order to seek out the missing files.

Restoration (windows)

It is a tiny portable recovery tool which can be used in all versions of windows together with windows file systems. However, it does not have advanced functionality although it contains basic file-name search along with the ability to sort a file using parameters like size and file name.

Undelete Plus (Windows)

This recovery tool used to be commercial software; however, it has gone on a lengthy limited time offer freeware run. Undelete Plus works on all versions of windows together with narrations of NTFS and FAT file systems, and assigns a recovery probability to the files it finds with regard to how damaged the file is. It also helps you to sort files by type and can be based on the size and time in order to avoid sifting through every deleted file in the disk as well as to keep the folder structures intact as you perform recovery.

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