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MorseMaster is an excellent tool for learning to receive and decode Morse Code. It is also great for people that already master this art, maybe for learning to decode Morse Code in higher speeds or just keeping the skills alive.
The most basic use of MorseMaster is to type some text and press Play to let the PocketPC-device send the text as Morse code in your speakers or your head phones. But MorseMaster can also send randomized text as well as randomized (but valid) common ham radio abbreviations and Q signals. Great for learning to decode these as words instead of as a bunch of letters. This speeds up your reception skills for operating ham radio Morse code significantly. Finally, MorseMaster can read (and save) files. This allows you to prepare files with training sessions on your desktop computer and transfer them to the PocketPC-device for training.
MorseMaster supports speeds from 6 to 40 words per minute (wpm), or 30 to 200 characters per minute (cpm). MorseMaster also supports Farnsworth Morse, that is each letter is sent in a higher speed than the overall speed. This simplifies learning the code since you learn the melody of the character instead of learning the number and combination of dahs and dits.
MorseMaster can send in three different frequencies (500, 700 and 900 Hz) and you can choose between regular sine waves or square waves.
All settings can be saved (in the licensed version) so when you start MorseMaster the next time it is easy to continue where you left off.

Software Information System Requirements
  • PocketPC
File Size:664 KB
License:Free to try, $ 6.00 to buy
Screenshot:View Screenshot
Rating :

These characters are supported:
  • The letters A-Z
  • The numbers 0-9
  • ( ) " : . , ? - / = ~ # + @

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