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IP Address Monitor

IP Address Monitor IP Address Monitor displays a computer's name and IP address in a window. If notification features are turned on, when the IP address changes, it can be sent to an email address and/or an FTP server to notify of the changes. This is useful for computers that have dynamically assigned IP addresses, but need to be accessed remotely. Full SMTP email and FTP support to send notification of changes.

IP Address Monitor is a network IP address monitoring software which allows you to be informed of IP address changes on a remote computer. This enables you to access a computer from a remote location, as you will always know when its address changes. Using IP Monitor you may track the internal and external network addresses for a specific machine. If a change occurs you may set up notifications by email or FTP updates. Keep track of changed addresses and access systems whose network addresses can change

You may evaluate IP Address Monitor for a period of up to 30 days before you buy it. Simply download and install to evaluate the software.
Software Information System Requirements
  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • 32 megabytes (MB) of memory
  • 4 MB hard drive space
  • Internet or LAN connection - Ethernet or dial-up
  • 64MB RAM
File Size:1.19 MB
License:Free to try, $24.95 to buy

IP Address Monitor Features and Benefits:
  • Shows your current local IP address
    Useful for network administrators to see what IP address a computer has assigned to it. It is also useful for dial-up users who are issued a different IP address each time they connect. IP Monitor can help you get access to a remote computer which has a non-static IP address.

  • Shows your current public IP address.
    IP Monitor can display your external IP address. This can be different than the local/internal address if you are running on a network that has a router or firewall in place to access the Internet.

  • What is an IP address?
    In a TCP/IP network, each network node/computer has its own unique address by which it communicates with other computers on a network. This address is known as an IP address.

  • Detects changes in your IP address(es)
    IP Monitor tracks IP address changes on a computer. Some DSL or network providers assign dynamic IP addresses that change over time. This is to prevent you from hosting a server on a computer through a service that is not designed for this. However, there are times that a user needs to know if their computer's IP address has changed so they can take any necessary action to restart programs, file transfers or remote processes.

  • Notification of changed IP address
    Not only can IP Monitor detect a change in an IP address, but it can also notify you via FTP or email if this occurs. This is helpful if you are trying to access a remote computer whose IP address has changed. Configure IP Monitor to notify you and you will be able to continue to access the remote computer.

  • Email Notifications
    IP Monitor can send notification emails when it detects an IP address has changed. You may configure email settings to use a built-in emailer or configure for your SMTP mail server. IP Monitor provides background sending of these notification emails so you will know when an address changes and still be able to access a remote system.

  • Send Notification of IP address(es) at startup
    IP Monitor can run with a command-line parameter to send notification when your system starts, and then exit. This makes any system start-up or restart notify your designated email addresses or FTP server about ADSL or cable-modem connections when your computer starts. You may even use this utility behind a firewall as it supports passive FTP mode.

  • Easy to Use
    Simply download, install and run. You will be presented with a window (see screen shots) showing the current computer name and IP address of the machine. Prompts help configure your IP Address Monitor installation.

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