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Fitness Manager
A software package for complete management of gyms, fitness and aerobic clubs. Fitness Manager is flexibile and designed to be easy for use.
An innovative non-linear math application that allows you use complex mathematical expressions within equations to describe the problem which requires solution.
3D Human Anatomy Software 3D Muscles Teacher
It is a perfect 3D Human Anatomy Software to study anatomy and physiology of 700 muscles of the human body.
Chef Master
Chef Master is a recipe software that shows you world-wide food recipes you can cook right now.
Stretch Break - Mac version
Reminds you to take short stretch breaks while working at your computer and then shows you how, using lifelike animated pictures!
PerfectTablePlan Advanced Edition for Mac
The easiest way to create a table seating plan for your wedding, parties, banquets and events in the least time.
eWicca: all-in-one wicca software
a complete all in one wicca software for witchcraft, to perform magick rituals and cast wicca spells, witchcraft spells, witch spells and general white magic spells.
WoundAreas Premium
can accurately quantify and track changes in area of wounds, it determines wound areas from digital photographic images.
The Ultimate Dog Breeding Software
The software is designed by professional dog breeders with many years of dog breeding experience.
RekenTest Server
A drill-and-practice numeracy program to practice arithmetic skills. It's interactive and can be used to practice, analyze and test basic math skills.
Both this web site and Bible-Discovery software was designed for those who are not satisfied with the skimming of the Bible and they need more.
Personal Health Desk
A personal electronic health record software for use by individuals. Individuals or families can keep track of all health related events.
RegexBuddy is your perfect companion for working with regular expressions. Easily create regular expressions that match exactly what you want.
Annapurna Region GPS Map
The latest in an exciting new series of Garmin-compatible digital maps covering the major trekking and climbing regions of Nepal and the Himalaya.
Sports and Fitness Manager
It is absolutely essential for coaches, fitness instructors, aerobics instructors, group exercise instructors, fitness coordinators, scuba diving instructors, trainers and team leaders.
Child Check In
Provide security for children's programs such as Sunday School, Children's Church, VBS, Camp, Daycare, School, and so on.
A recipe software to make your eat right! EzyEating recipe software helps you take control of your meal planning, finances and fitness...
Diet Studio
The Diet Studio is a diet creation and management software. To help you keep fit, the software allows you to track and control what you eat on a daily basis.
Visual Kalman Filter
A visual math tool to simulate Kalman filter for linear or nonlinear system. Only three steps you need do, and you'll get the curve and the estimated results
BigPicture Personal Fitness
is a virtual companion that helps you build a personal diet and exercise plan you can live and succeed with. It contains sophisticated nutrition and exercise journals, plus a variety of other related tools.
RSI Warrior
is an ergonomics software package helping thousands of computer users prevent and recover from computer-related Repetitive Strain Injuries world-wide
Spelling Made Simple
Spelling Made Simple is a proven program that helps teach everyone how to spell simple to complex words.
Musical Examiner
Improvement of musical abilities (ear for music, solfeggio, sol-fa). This program develops ear for music, helps to test your musical hearing and improve musical abilities.
HerbDiet Pro
based on the basic theories of traditional Chinese medicine, collects essential herbal diets that hand down since ancient time, combines with research achievements of modern nutriology and dietetic therapeutics.
CoinManage - Coin Collecting Software
Use CoinManage Coin Collecting Software to catalog and appraise your coin collection. Save many hours of data entry by simply picking from complete listings of US, Canadian and English coins.
StampManage - stamp collecting software
Use StampManage stamp collecting software to catalog and value your USA, UN, German, Australian and Canadian stamp collection.
is the software gadget that will help you to read electronic books.
  Body Treatment
is Spa treatment and facial eBook for your whole body to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate skin. On this ebook you will be taught many body treatment recipes.
Bird Tracker
A complete and versatile Avian Management Program designed to meet the needs of all avian breeders.
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