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HDX4 Player - Play MPEG4 video files

play mpeg video The "HDX4 Player" consists of the powerful HDX4 decoder and a video player which can not only playback MPEG4 videos but also a great number of common audio and video files. After having installed the player you will not only be able to play MPEG4 vieo files but also be able to play and open other container formats like MP4 as well as audio tracks encoded in MPEG-1 Layer 2, Ogg, AAC or AMR. HDX4 Player software is also compatible with Nero Digital, DivX and XviD.

Software Information System Requirements
Version:New version
  • Windows 8/7/XP/Vista
  • Pentium II CPU
  • 512 MB RAM
File Size:5.36 MB
License:Free to try, $19.00 to buy
Rating :

HDX4 Player Features:
  • play MPEG4 video files
  • displaying movies windowed and fullscreen
  • zooming video windows
  • recently opened movies list with possibility of adding and deleting items. Adding movie files from a specified directory
  • auto-playing movies by playlist
  • auto-collecting information about video files to playlist
  • auto-loading subtitle text files in TMP and MicroDVD formats, included in video file, or from additional directory
  • replaceable skins
  • showing transparent and framed subtitles
  • auto-breaking long lines of subtitles text, centering text lines, time shifting for subtitles
  • controlling program through command line
  • controlling through keyboard
  • controlling through external program
  • controlling through external controller (joystick, gamepad, etc...
  • legible and simple user interface
HDX4 Codec FAQ
    What is HDX4?
    HDX4 is a MPEG-4 compatible video codec that makes it possible to store high-quality video in files that are significantly smaller than those used on DVDs.
    Why should I use HDX4?
    Well, we think there is a very good reason to use HDX4: We think it is the best and fastest available codec at the moment. Of course this is a personal assessment but we definitely think you should give HDX4 a try... ;-)
    How can I encode in HDX4?
    You can use our "HDX4 Movie Creator" but also any other DirectShow or VfW (Video for Windows) compatible software product.
    Can I use the Windows Media Player to watch HDX4 compatible movies?
    is compatible with any player supporting the DirectShow or Video for Windows interfaces. That inludes the Windows Media Player. I would like to watch a movie using HDX4, but I don't hear anything.
    HDX4 is a video codec, no audio codec. We deliver several audio codecs with our installation packages but please take a look at our help center under "Audio formats" for more details.
    What is this stuff like B-frames, GMC or quarter-pel?
    Audio and video is out of sync when I play movies with HDX4. What can I do?
    In the decoder of HDX4 there is a function called 'Force overlay mode'. Depending on the operating system and the DirectShow version you are using, please try to switch this function on or off.
    What is 'Optimize for film source'?
    This feature is a new and revolutionary, no other codec we are aware off has this at the moment. For your reference: Cinematic productions are filmed on celluloid and have a natural graininess. Depending on the film material experts can for instance still tell the difference between Super-8 and 35 mm material even on a DVD. Video without grain and with many single-colored areas can be encoded more easily but it looks less natural. You have to find out yourself what you like best. Just try encoding with and without simulated grain.
HDX4 Player FAQ
    I don't like the skin of the HDX4 player. How can I change it?
    Got to "Settings" and then to "Skins". Please choose there an other skin. From time to time we will add more skins there.

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