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UltraMouse A cool mouse tool that can help you every minute in operating the computer. Make the operations that you will accomplish thousands of times every day faster, easier, more convenient and funnier.
UltraMouse is a very cool mouse software to enhance many functions to your mouse, some of which can be achieved even without opening your eyes! It also can help you alleviate the actions of hands and eyes to great extent when using your computer and avoid computer stress.

With UltraMouse you can save half of the acts of eyes and hands and realize the in common use functions that you will accomplish them thousands times every day easily. UltraMouse can recognize more than 20 mouse actions, "what to do" of each mouse action can be customized by user, includes simulate keystrokes-input, Launch File or many useful pre-defined function. "What to do" can also set to depend on application's title,

Software Information System Requirements
  • Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
  • Pentium II CPU
  • 32M RAM
File Size:819 KB
License:Free to try, $29.95 to buy
Screenshot:View Screenshot
Rating :

  1. Click - Left+Right Click
    Left mouse button click + Right mouse button click
    Default, Maximize/Restore foreground window. Recommend, same as default
  2. Click - Right+Left Click
    Right mouse button click + Left mouse button click
    Default, None. Recommend, Open Link in new browser window
  3. Click - MiddleButton
    Middle mouse button Click when middle button menu is disabled Default, None. Recommend, Set Middle Button Menu Enable
  4. Move to Screen TopLeft
    Move cursor to Top-Left corner of screen
    Default, None. Recommend, Open Menu
  5. Move to Screen TopRight
    Move cursor to Top-Right corner of screen
    Default, None. Recommend, None
  6. Move to Screen BottomLeft
    Move cursor to Bottom-Left corner of screen
    Default, Shortkey Win-key, open start menu. Recommend, Shortkey Win-key
  7. Move to Screen BottomRight
    Move cursor to Bottom-Right corner of screen
    Default, None. Recommend, Show Desktop/Restore
  8. Touch Left Border Twice
    Double touch left border of screen
    Default, Open Favorites Menu with title-rule "contains Internet Explorer" .
    Recommend, Open Favorites Menu
  9. Touch Top Border Twice
    Double touch top border of screen
    Default, None. Recommend, Refresh browser page
  10. Touch Right Border Twice
    Double touch right border of screen
    Default, None. Recommend, New browser window
  11. Shake Cursor Vertical-U
    Shake mouse cursor vertical at upside of a window Default, Go to document top. Recommend, Go to document top
  12. Shake Cursor Vertical-D
    Shake mouse cursor vertical at downside of a window
    Default, Go to document end. Recommend, Go to document end
  13. Shake Cursor Horizontal
    Shake mouse cursor horizontal
    Default, Switch Task. Recommend, Switch Task
  14. Cursor-circle Anticlockwise
    Move mouse cursor anticlockwise
    Default, browser Back. Recommend, browser Back
  15. Cursor-circle Clockwise
    Move mouse cursor clockwise
    Default, browser Forward. Recommend, browser Forward
  16. Menu Top-Left Corner
    Middle Button Menu: top-left (press->move->release)
    Default, Open Menu. Recommend, Open Menu, AlwaysOnTop Enable/Disable
  17. Menu Top-Middle Border
    Middle Button Menu: top-middle (press->move->release)
    Default, None. Recommend, AlwaysOnTop Enable/Disable, Minimize foreground window
  18. Menu Top-Right Corner
    Middle Button Menu: top-right (press->move->release)
    Default, Close Application. Recommend, Close Application
  19. Menu Middle-Left Border
    Middle Button Menu: middle-left (press->move->release)
    Default, Standard Middle-Button Click. Recommend, Standard Middle-Button Click
  20. Menu Middle-Right Border
    Middle Button Menu: middle-right (press->move->release)
    Default, None. Recommend, Catch Vertical Scroll-Bar
  21. Menu Bottom-Left Corner
    Middle Button Menu: bottom-left (press->move->release)
    Default, Open StartMenu and Move Cursor.
    Recommend, Open StartMenu and Move Cursor, Minimize all windows, Show Desktop/Restore
  22. Menu Bottom-Middle Border
    Middle Button Menu: bottom-middle (press->move->release)
    Default, None. Recommend, Minimize all windows, Show Desktop/Restore
  23. Menu Bottom-Right Corner
    Middle Button Menu: bottom-right (press->move->release)
    Default, Minimize all windows. Recommend, Minimize all windows, Show Desktop/Restore

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