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PatchFactory PatchFactory is a comprehensive and innovative software updating and delivery solution, ensuring that your end-users always have the latest version of your software. PatchFactory performs almost any updating task, including synchronizing files, running an installer, updating your software, and even performing a custom action to keep your customers up-to-date and to significantly reduce your end-user support costs. In its latest release, PatchFactory v3, AgenSoft developers have taken a truly innovative approach making it possible not just to create an update module for a certain version, but also monitor all your software products, versions and version components that may have different target location on the end-user's machine.

This innovation is based on the advanced functionality of the new release that includes improved byte-level patch building algorithm and innovative program interface. The innovative features of patching engine include cumulative patching to bring all in-field versions up-to-date using a single self-extracting executable, comparing files with size up to 2^63 Bytes (8589934592 Gb), improved high-speed of patch generation and flexible control under ratio "time/result" with the help of different comparing methods selection. Among the new patch applying features are customizable dialogs, a familiar wizard-style runtime interface, use of key files and MD5 checks to ensure accuracy, international language support, silent install / uninstall with no user interaction required, smart automatic version check to determine the installed version, support for passworded and encrypted installs, automatic Rollback at patch applying to guarantee that the end-user's system is successfully updated and Rollback/Uninstall of the update after installation, and lots more. Free download of the evaluation version and flexible license options are available.

Software Information System Requirements
  • Windows 8/7/XP/Vista
  • Display resolution 800x600 hi-color (16 bits)
  • Processor 486 and above
  • 512 MB RAM
File Size:3.30 MB
License: Free to try, $495.00 to buy
Screenshot:View Screenshot

Main Features of PatchFactory :
  • Create full-featured software updates: copy, update, patch or delete files in multiple directories, register and unregister system files, change files/folders attributes, modify the users' system registry, or even perform a custom action using powerful scripting engine.
  • No complicated installation scripts for the most part of applications. No need to remember incomprehensible syntax! Creating and managing software updates with PatchFactory is a quick and a painless process. With PatchFactory everyone, even a beginner, can prepare his update package in minutes. It is an easy and effective way to make patches for meeting the frequent demand of updating and therefore to deliver update packages that are significantly smaller by size instead of delivering full new installation package / new version software files.
  • Integrated Pascal-based scripting engine for advanced users. PatchFactory v3 includes an incredibly powerful Pascal-based scripting engine, necessary to customize patch applying behavior, giving you an unprecedented control over your software patching system.
  • Preventing of the software piracy. The patching process requires that the original software files are installed before they can be updated.
  • Integrated compression technology. Prepared Patches are compressed using an effective bzip/lzma-technology.
  • Powerful and adaptive patch engine helping generate small size patch packages. Effective patch building for executable EXE or DLL files. Using the adaptive cutting-edge lossless differencing technology of the patch building engine you can reduce your software update size by 90-99%. The small patch file footprint makes it an an ideal tool for updating in a bandwidth-sensitive environment. Satisfy your users with shorter download times and benefit from low bandwidth usage.
  • The patching engine is not content dependent, so it may be used whenever data is changed at one location and must be efficiently updated at another. Using adaptive features of patch building algorithm it provides support for all file types, including executable PE-files, system files, data files, documents, etc.
  • Comparing files with size up to 2^63 Bytes (~8589934592 Gb). Exceptionally fast patch building even for Gigabyte-sized files by means of adaptive features of patching engine and different comparing methods selection.
  • Cumulative patch building to integrate several version-to-version updates into one patch package.
  • Visual navigation through images of old and new versions of your files using Differences Manager.
  • Storage of difference building results in intermediate files helping significantly increase the speed of reiterated patch building.
  • Flexible control under ratio "time/result" with the help of different comparing methods selection.
  • Easy to integrate. Support for All Windows platforms in use today (Windows 95/98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003) from the same executable patch package.
  • The PatchFactory Client is entirely self-contained: It does not use 3rd party libraries and only requires libraries which are part of the base operating system.
  • Exceptionally fast patch file applying. Even large applications containing hundreds of files are updated in a few seconds.
  • Support for silent install and silent uninstall with no user interaction required. These can be useful to system administrators, and to other programs calling the Patch Installation program.
  • Support for multilingual installs to make patch installation dialogs most easily understandable for the international audience.
  • Utilizing of the registry or INI files for smart file location. Retrieve your application's installation path from the users' registry to further speed up and facilitate the update process. Creation / changing of registry and .INI entries.
  • Flexible handling file/folder attributes and permissions. Preserve your users' file attributes, including Hidden files, Read-Only files, etc.
  • Support for system files, including self-registered files, shared or locked files and ActiveX components.
  • Update of folders/files structure: add new / delete old folders or files, ignore missing files.
  • Run an external command or executable before, during, or after the patch process
  • Support for passworded and encrypted installs.
  • Smart automatic version check to determine the installed version.
  • Ensure that no system is ever partially updated (automatic Rollback function during patch applying guarantees that end-user's system is successfully updated or not updated at all). Rollback / uninstall of the update after installation.
  • Delayed patching support for locked files in case file is locked by the system during patch applying, it will be updated after it is unlocked or after system restart.
  • Improved patch applying log maintenance with error/exit code return.
  • Advanced backup system. The PatchFactory Client can automatically create and manage copies of all the files that are modified during the update process, to allow the restoration of a previous software version.
  • Runtime logging of the patching process. The PatchFactory Client keeps track of all the changes made during the update. Rollback to a previous version, or use the update log to help in troubleshooting and provide technical support.
  • Extensive security checks during the software update process, including MD5 checksums, to guarantee the complete integrity of the update and ensure that no file is ever only partially updated.
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