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NetDefender NetDefender is a professional intranet monitor management software. User can monitor the whole intranet by installing it on one computer. The monitored computers with Windows, or Mac OS, or Linux can be monitored in the intranet. It is a sort of software that has accomplished monitoring and managing the intranet in a single computer. It is a reputed and a professional network monitoring software product. The product has many features and it is stable. It is a popular software product for the network security in enterprises or schools.

The main functions of NetDefender are: monitoring and blocking sending or receiving emails, sending or receiving web mails, BBS posts, FTP, website access, and IM of QQ/MSN/Yahoo/ICQ/POPO/UC. It can also block BT,eMule/eDonkey,online game centers. User can designate a time frame for blocking to fit the system requirement, or set holiday dates for it. NetDefender also support network flow management and the Remote Desktop. All the data will be monitored and logged, and users can view it at any time.

Software Information System Requirements
  • Windows XP/Win2K/Win2003
  • CPU: P4+/100M+ Spaces
  • Summary: Email /Chat Monitor
  • Protocol Analyse: Layer 2/Layer 3
File Size:8.02 MB
License:Free to try, $88.00 to buy
Rating :

Main Functions and special features
    NetDefender is a professional intranet monitoring management software. You only need to install it in a single computer, and the whole intranet status will be in your hands.

    It can do monitoring and management based on IP address or MAC address.
    It does monitoring and management for individual person or a group.
    It supports software routing mode to carry out filter out all data packages.
    It supports to filter out user customized protocols, ports, IP addresses, keywords, IM tools, online games and so on.
    It support to manage the network flow.
    It support remotely monitoring the network content and the monitored client's desktop.
Function introduction:
    Restrict employees' surfing actions
    You can set the system within a certain time frame to restrict employees' internet access. The time setting can be any time of 7*24, and also it supports holiday settings.
    Within the appointed time, the system will restrict computer internet access by following the configured monitor strategy: Forbid BT protocol(BitTorrent,BitComet,FlashBT),eMule/eDonkey
    Forbid or restrict the sending and receiving of emails
    Filter configured websites, keywords, protocols, or ports, etc.
    Block online games and stock software, etc.
    Forbid or restrict the sending and receiving of emails
    Forbid or restrict the file uploaded from FTP
    Block IM tools, which includes QQ/MSN/Yahoo/ICQ/POPO/UC, etc.
    You can bind IP addresses to MC addresses, or forbid using free IP, or you can set VIP users (No monitored) and black users (No internet connection).
    Support network flow management

    Record employees' daily surfing actions
    The system will record all online behavior automatically for every computer in the intranet, from this you can get what your employees are doing online.
    Sent or received emails (SMTP/POP3), including contents and attachments.
    Sent web mails, BBS posts, including contents and attachments
    URL and titles of visited websites
    Files uploaded by FTP, and accounts, IP, and so on. (Notice: password is filtered out without being recorded)
    Messages of QQ/ MSN/Yahoo
    QQ Messages
    Log all keystrokes
    Log the clipboard
    Take Screenshots every interval
    Manage the flies of monitored computer
    Remotely monitor desktop of monitored computer

    Monitoring log
    You can review all the monitoring logs remotely:
    Emails(SMTP/POP3), including email contents and attachments
    Sent web mails, including mail contents and attachments
    Monitoring BBS posts/ apply for services/ public articles etc.
    The details of visited websites(URl and Titles)
    Files uploaded by FTP
    Chatting contents of QQ, MSN, Yahoo
    Keystrokes, clipboard, screenshots
    It can distill email addresses, QQ accounts, and MSN accounts.
    It can build reports forms for all the intranet actions.
The installation requirements
    OS requirement: Windows 2000/XP/2003 + IIS. Server versions are highly recommended. Hardware requirement: P4+ CPU, 512M+ memory, 100M+ hard disk space (for logs). The requirement depends on the number of monitored computers.
Notice of monitoring
    Employees should be notified that a intranet monitoring tool is implemented, and please get agreement from them.
    Please keep secret of the monitoring log from outpouring. Suggest to enable user authorizing management mode.

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