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Multi Pos for Restaurant

Multi Pos for Restaurant Looking to cut your restaurant losses? Want to increase your profitability? Need to improve your customer service?
You've come to the right place!
Multi POS for Restaurant© is your complete restaurant point of sale (POS) and store management software solution. It will help you maximize your restaurant efficiency, prevent employee mistakes, prevent employee thefts, increase profitability, and much more.
Multi POS for Restaurant© is NOT just another point of sale software. It is a total restaurant management solution for the demanding restaurant industry. In fact, Multi POS for Restaurant© was designed and created exclusively for use in a restaurant environment. Multi POS will be able to help you better manage your restaurant. An external utility will also enable you to quickly import customer and menu item data from another software into MULTI POS.
If you're ever interested in making your restaurant operate more efficiently and increase your bottom line, then Multi POS for Restaurant© is for you!

Software Information System Requirements
Version: 3.07
  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7.
  • 400 MHz Pentium Processor minimum
  • 128 MB Memory
License:Free to try, $175.00 to buy
File Size: 10.2 MB
Screenshot :View Screenshot
Rating :

Some of the features in Multi Pos for Restaurant are:

Guest Database Management: Improve Customer Service
  • Detailed customer history and complete control over your House Accounts
  • Automatic tracking of remaining balance and credit
  • Identify regulars and VIPs
  • Track customer preferences to meet and anticipate special requests
  • Phone order processing
  • See the caller information and last orders before you even pickup the telephone by using the advanced Caller ID interface
  • Advanced tracking & dispatching of Delivery orders (by tracking your drive thru completion time)
  • Allow your customer to pay any amount toward their balance owed (any over payment will be returned to the customer as change due)
  • Ability to specify a due date for a balance owed using House Accounts
  • Credit card details.
Floor Management: Maximize Efficiency
  • Fully configurable table layout interface (design it according to your physical number of tables)
  • Maximize seat utilization by viewing your occupied table, available table, table served time, and other information directly from graphical table layout screen
  • One click access to order entry screen for Dine In, Delivery and Bar orders from within the program's main screen
  • Combine several tables into a single one for large parties
  • Split the payment of an order into the several members of a table
  • Instantly track covers for more efficient kitchen and server management
  • Increase table turns by tracking party status
  • Administration (menu changes, employee permissions, etc.) from remote location with 'on the fly' update to each station's database
  • All stations can be managed from the server in case one of them crashes
  • Remote kitchen & bar printer support (handles up to 10 kitchen printers per station)
Marketing Management: Increase Repeat Business
  • Conduct powerful email marketing campaigns from within the program to increase repeat business
  • Print mailing labels to reach select target audiences
  • Track special occasions such as guest birthdays
  • Gift Certificate management with complete control over your gift certificate issuing, tracking, & redemption
  • Customer counts
  • Per person averages
  • Ability for adding custom messages at bottom of guest checks
Point of Sale Features: Simplify Daily Management
  • Unlimited number menu items
  • Modifier items prompting with unlimited number of modifiers for each menu category
  • Unlimited number sales groups or revenue centers
  • Menu items can be entered into the order either by code or by description
  • Completely user-defined and flexible discounts and surcharges
  • Automatic server and table number prompting
  • Automatic party size prompting
  • Automatic tipping feature
  • Invoice notes for Delivery
  • 'Kitchen Note' feature for cooking instructions and other kind of messages to the kitchen
  • Two currencies can print on guest check
  • Invoices can be configured to print in different languages
  • Accept unlimited payment types towards an order (each one pays his part of the check)
  • Flexible tax setup
  • Flexible menu item pricing support. You can setup the day of the week and the time of the day to switch from using Price 1 to Price 2
  • You can even setup different menu item prices for each of the order types
  • Full suite of functionalities to complement your cash register operations
Servers Module: Increase Productivity
  • Server file maintenance
  • Multilevel password protection (allows you to monitor your critical activities such as refund, access denied, and others)
  • Servers can be assigned to tables beforehand or 'on the fly' when opening a table
  • Tip tracking
  • Server time card tracking support
  • Enforce server clock in with easy to use scheduling functionality
  • Popup clock out reminder
  • Server Bank support (allow each employee be their own cashier, then turn all their money owed to the restaurant at the end of their shift)
  • Easy to read shift end report
Inventory Control: Cut Restaurant Losses
  • Inventory item maintenance
  • Food distributor maintenance
  • Food costing modules
  • Menu item recipe definition
  • Physical inventory count capability
  • Inventory depletion based on sales
  • Predictive ordering
  • Tracking of inventory level falling below pre-defined threshold
  • Food cost & profitablity review report
  • Other inventory & food costing report.
Employee Payroll Module: Integrated Time & Attendance
  • Complete labor scheduling capabilities
  • Daily labor cards for employee time reporting
  • Time card correction
  • Employee availability tracking
  • Multiple job categories/rates
  • Payroll preparation report and audit functions
  • Manual payroll check entry
  • Auto deductions
  • Calculates regular hours and over time hours
  • Spend less time doing payroll now
Information Module: Know more about your restaurant and be more competitive
  • Detailed sales history (as many years as computer disk capacity allows)
  • Detailed void reporting
  • Sales and tip reporting by server
  • Ability to recall reports from any given day
  • Cash drawer balancing and sales analysis by shift, by cashier, by register, by hour, and by day
  • Know what menu item is selling & what is not
  • Detailed profit and loss reporting
  • Menu items, customers and sales data may be imported into Excel, Ms Access, Dbase, Lotus, etc.
  • Ability to export any report to text file for further processing
  • Backup files can be used as a bridge between the point of sale system and the home office accounting system
  • Numerous Back Office reports to present your overall restaurant operation results.
Misc. Features:
  • 100% graphical operated Point of Sale
  • 100% 32-bit Windows based (runs on Windows 95, 98, 98SE, ME, NT 4, W2K, XP, Vista and Windows 7)
  • Your wait staff do not need prior computer knowledge
  • Easy pull down menus
  • Fast and easy lookups
  • Printer redirection
  • Built-in backup and restore functions
  • Compact database support directly from software
  • Automatic database repair capability
  • Support for various Point of Sale peripherals (Point of Sale printers ,cash drawers, etc.)
  • Peer to peer Windows networking support (saves you the cost of expensive dedicated database server and the server operating system)
  • Multilingual capabilities: The program's main menu options can be displayed in English, Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Danish, Icelandic, Albanian, Chinese, Spanish or French with the click of a button
  • Separate free utility (Multi POS Database Functions) to allow you to purge test orders from the sales database


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