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GdPicture Pro OCX - Image Processing ActiveX

Image Processing ActiveX OCX GdPicture Pro Image OCX is a low cost image processing ActiveX components to view, create, print, edit, and compose bitmap image. They can display, read, convert, and write image in a large variety of formats like tiff, fax, gif, jpeg, png, wmf, emf, bmp, ico, dib, exif, animated gif, mutipage tif, pdf....

With GdPicture you can add images-rich features to your applications quickly and easily like image processing functions, color conversion, image compression, image display, print, effect, merge....

Major functions include flip, rotate, resize and zoom the image, fully control the scroll action, draw text and image, get tiff tags and Exif information, append, delete, insert, move and swap pages within existing multipage Tiff image...

Software Information System Requirements
  • Win 98, NT4, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista
  • Pentium II CPU
  • 64 MB RAM
File Size:14.7 MB
License:Free to try, $ 95.00 to buy
Screenshot:View Screenshot
Rating :

Main Features of GdPicture Pro OCX :

Gdpicture Pro ActiveX includes 2 classes:
    Image processing class cGdPicture :
    • ActiveX library ( .ocx ) containing over 300 functions
    • Advanced imaging processing
    • Multipage Tiff reading and writing
    • Support lzw, ccitt3, ccitt4, rle and Jpeg compression
    • Support for 1bit, 4bits, 8bits, 16bits, 24bits, 32bits, 48bits and 64bits pallets color
    • Image enhancement functions
    • Import / Export image from clipboard
    • TWAIN scanning with Automatic Document Feeder control (ADF)
    • Pallets colors conversion
    • Read and Write stream data
    • Auto Border removal
    • Cropping
    • Advanced rotations
    • Watermark
    • Advanced Text processing
    • Make Thumbnails
    • Skew and de-skew image
    • Obtain specific color components of an image
    • Read EXIF Tags
    • Print image
    • Merging Images
    • Resizing with 8 diferent interpolation modes
    • Drawing lines, ellips, round, rectangle, bezier, curve...
    • Change brightness, saturation, contrast, gamma
    • Lot of filters and effects(emboss, blur, edge enhance, engrave...)
    • Personalized filters with black and white images
    • Area processing
    • Capture the contents of any window or section of any window
    • Color anti-aliasing and smoothing for zoomed images
    • Zoom enhance
    • HSL, RGB and ARGB color management
    • PDF Write (image, shapes, text)

    Image viewer class GdViewer (visual class) :
    • Image viewer (very high quality viewer class with many differents view modes)
    • Multipage Tiff reading, you can change page easly
    • Multiple image scaling algorithms (Antialiasing, Bicubic and NearestNeighbor Interpolation ...)
    • Support lzw, ccitt3, ccitt4, rle and Jpeg compression
    • Support for 1bit, 4bits, 8bits, 16bits, 24bits, 32bits, 48bits and 64bits pallets color
    • Import image from clipboard
    • Advanced rotations 90, 180, 270, 360, Flip X, Flip Y
    • Flexible printing features
    • Area processing
    • User define display area
    • Animated Gif Viewer
    • Built in timer with TimerTick event
    • Advanced scrollbar and autosize features
    • Aspect Ratio Control
    • Right click pop up menu, including tools, selection, zoom... *
    • Built in tools including hand tool, pan and zoom, rectangle selection
    • Move the image manualy with move hand cursor
    • Zoom enhance, zoom by height, by width, fit to page...
    • User define Zoom and user define area zoom
    • Keyboard and Mouse Events
    • PDF Viewer (need an IsedQuickPDF License)**

    Supported image file formats:
    • BMP, DIB, ICO (standard Windows Bitmap file format).
    • EMF (Enhanced Windows Metafile format).
    • GIF (Graphics Interchange file Format).
    • JPEG, JPG (Joint Photographic Expert Group file format).
    • PNG (Portable Network Graphics file format).
    • TIFF, TIF (Tagged-Image File Format).
    • WMF (standard Windows Metafile format).

    Supported TIFF file compressions:
    • CCITT Group 3 fax encoding.
    • CCITT Group 4 fax encoding.
    • CCITT Modified Huffman RLE.
    • JPEG DCT Compression.
    • LZW compression.
    • Packbits - Macintosh RLE compression.


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