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Creature Creator Pro - Basic

Creature Creator Pro Creating humanoids, aliens, monsters, bugs, and other things that go bump in the night is an easy experience with Creature Creator.

Select the body parts that your character will consist of. You have over 50 parts to select from, and you can easily combine them by selecting from the drop down menus or stepping through them using the arrow buttons.
Everything you do will immediately be shown in real-time in the OpenGL window. The characters created will be seamless to make it easy to animate them later on.
Create unique characters quickly using the random creature options.
Select preference settings such as drawing colors, paths, and mouse handling.
Tweak and fine-tune your characters to make them exactly how you want them. When you select the part of the body you want to edit, it will be highlighted with a wireframe and you can then use the sliders to deform and modify it to fit your purposes and the look you are after.

Software Information System Requirements
Version: 1.0
  • Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista
  • Pentium II CPU
  • 256 MB of RAM
License:Free to try, $135.00 to buy
File Size: 1.25 MB
Screenshot:View Screenshot
Rating :

CC-Pro Revision Highlights:
  • Revised layout
  • Randomize sub-types
  • Symmetry options
  • Partial exports support
  • Export in WaveFront obj format
  • User-selectable mouse settings
  • Body part Lock buttons
  • Taper body part editing option
  • Enhanced mouse handling for 3D preview window
Creature Creator Pro Details:

Main Window
  • modified the layout for easier user access
  • revised button layout
  • modified Tab order to provide easier access
  • added body type drop list to select Creature sub-type
  • randomize creature can restrict selections to specified sub-type
  • current categories are: Fantasy, Female, Insect, Male, Manga
  • added Symmetry options
  • automatically mix and match current left and right body part selections
  • on/off selector to view original selections, or in symmetrical mode
  • maintains previous body part selections between symmetry operations
  • supports symmetrical body part groupings
  • current categories are: all, head, upper limbs, lower limbs
  • swap between viewing current left or right side variations
  • user-definable symmetry direction buttons for each grouping
Project Tab
  • changed buttons to standard windows toolbar type
  • added tool tips
  • added User Guide button
  • arranged buttons using 3D look-and-feel
  • Support for partial exports
  • now export head only models for facial animation's
  • will export single-part or multi-part models with missing components
  • (see also: Lock Buttons in the Select Parts section)
  • added WaveFront obj export option (stand alone version)
  • uses quad-based polygon export
  • provides smoother shading for current character modeling software
  • the preferred format for use as subdivision surfaces
  • now exports placed on ground
  • model facing modified to match standard obj orientation
  • option to use Curious Labs naming conventions
  • save projects as CC-Pro or in v1.6 format
  • provides for backward compatibility
  • CC-Pro users can share projects with v1.6 users
  • fixed mirrored exports issue
Preferences Tab
  • modifications to folder name's now updated at change time
  • color Selector buttons for background and wireframe colors
  • user selectable mouse settings (see also OpenGL Preview Window)
Select Parts Tab
  • Changed dual selector buttons to standard Windows spin controls
  • Added Body Part Lock buttons
  • lock or unlock individual body parts
  • Lock body parts as "off/none" for creating partial models
  • Locked body parts will not be affected during additional randomize actions
Edit Parts Tab
  • Changed dual selectors to standard Windows spin controls
  • added Taper edit option
  • automatically determines Taper orientation by body part type
  • taper parent or child ends of body part independently
  • taper entire body part as single unit
OpenGL Preview Window
  • Enhanced Mouse Handling
  • user selectable left/right transformation actions
  • added mouse zooming options
  • double click to reset translation or rotation settings
  • 3-button support
  • fixed mouse dragging operations to remain in window


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