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Checkbookease Freeware

Checkbookease Freeware Checkbookease Freeware is a free checking account and household budget program. All functions are performed from a single beautiful window which includes 20, user selected, color backgrounds with matching calculator and calendar. The single window viewing the checkbook register and family budget while entering transactions.

The budget is based on the envelope system, money not spent is carried over to the next month thus allowing for leveling of expenses over the year. Budget window displays the monthly budget and remaining balances. Only one-click is needed to change the monthly budget or transfer money to the budget balances. When assigning a budget category to a transaction the budget window is automatically shown with the category monthly amount and remaining balance highlighted.

Software Information System Requirements
  • Windows 95,98,ME,2000,XP
  • Pentium II CPU
  • 64 MB RAM
File Size:4.09 MB
Screenshot:View Screenshot
Rating :

Key Features of Checkbookease Freeware:
  • One simple-to-use window

    Checkbook Ease has one window, divided into three sections, each of which can be accessed at any time. This simple design offers you the following features:

    • You can view your checkbook register and household budget at the same time.
    • This format makes navigation easy between your bank accounts, family budget and checkbook register. You are literally one mouse click away from all major functions while keeping the same view.
    • On one mouse click add or edit your personal budget categories and transfer money to your household budget as well as change colors or window size.
    • You see your household budget while entering a transaction. When you assign a budget category to a transaction, Checkbook Ease Freeware displays your household budget and highlights the selected category and its current balance. This feature allows you to monitor and keep better control of your household budget. The display of the budget and highlighting also occur when you change an existing transaction.
    • Seeing your budget displayed with the current balances allows you to plan ahead since the focus is on the money left to be spent rather than what has been spent.
    • When you are balancing your checkbook, you can edit or add transactions.
    • You can use any previously entered transaction as the starting point for a new transaction, which significantly reduces the amount of keyboard entries. Select a prior transaction and make the changes (date, amount, etc.). Click the new button and a new transaction is entered.
    • When you search transactions for charges to a specific budget category to determine prior expenses, you can display the budget window to easily compare the results to your planned monthly budget.
    • You can shorten the list of transactions viewed at any time by selecting the starting date for viewing. You can limit the list to the current month or year.
    • In the checkbook register, you can show or hide the budget category or memo to make viewing the register easier.
  • Display Window
    The Checkbook Ease window can be changed, at any time, to one of 20 different colors with a matching calendar and calculator. This colorful display, with very few buttons and no icons, makes an uncluttered window which is easier and quicker to use.
  • Checkbook Balancing
    • When balancing the checkbook, a list of open transactions is created.
    • Checkbook Ease does an independent check of the starting balance and alerts you if it does not agree with your bank
    • Check off the transactions that are cleared from your statement until the statement balances.
    • While balancing, you can change any open transaction or add additional transactions.
  • Budget Features
    Checkbook Ease is designed to help you manage your future expenses. You create a household budget and then place money into each budget category for future expenses. As you spend money, the remaining balance in each category is displayed.
    Household Budget
    • You create your own personal budget categories and subcategories which can be changed, renamed or removed at any time.
    • By using the search feature, you can determine much has been charged to a budget category over any period of time.
    • You create a monthly budget in a budget worksheet format and transfer money to the budget (like an envelope system). A budget category in the worksheet can be added or changed on a mouse click. The budget worksheet and balances can be displayed while entering or changing transactions.
    • The transferred money is displayed as a budget balance for each category. (money budgeted to be spent)
    • When a transaction is charged to budget category, the balance is reduced and the new balance displayed.
    • Unspent money from one month is carried into the next month.
  • Search and print
    Checkbook Ease has a powerful search function. You can search by:
    • all or any bank account
    • budget category
    • date or between dates
    • amount or between amounts
    • bank statement
    • payee
    • any combination
      You can print your budget and transactions from the checkbook.

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